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"God is requiring you to be competent and effective and powerful and self-determined in this world to accomplish the tasks that are yours to accomplish. It is not about surrendering and becoming pliable, and you’re just going to be there until God wants you to do something. That is ridiculous. That is a kind of spiritual welfare." [1]

“People often think of God as a giant welfare system—spiritual welfare! You just sign up and then you collect your checks, and you receive your dispensations, and you are given your gifts and your miracles. You just have to believe in the system. Then God will come and serve you and do all these little things for you, as if God had nothing better to do in the universe than to cater to your wishes! Only a pathetic God would be so involved!” [2]

"Many people think intuition is something that is just feeding them as they go along, as if they were part of a spiritual welfare system where you just collect as you go. This is very pathetic. You will never find the source of your purpose or inspiration with this approach, and you will never take responsibility for what you yourself must learn and do to begin to walk The Way of Knowledge and to take the steps to Knowledge." [3]


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