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"You are uninformed and uneducated about the realities of life beyond your borders. You still think that technology can overcome the power of nature."[1]

"There is so much for humanity to learn. That is why God has sent a New Revelation into the world and has called upon the Allies of Humanity to provide their wisdom and their counsel to assist in this great effort to educate humanity and to alert humanity about the great dangers and opportunities that exist as it stands at the threshold of space."[1]


"Therefore, to understand your visitors and to understand others whom you will encounter in the future, you must establish a more mature approach to the use of power and influence. This is a vital part of your Greater Community education. Part of the preparation for this will be given in the Teaching in Greater Community Spirituality, but you must also learn through direct experience."[2]

"Understand that you are at the very beginning of your Greater Community education and you will have to live with certain questions that cannot yet be answered, building while you proceed a growing and concise understanding of humanity’s advantages and disadvantages."[1]

"It is a critical time of decision in how you will live, how you will use and preserve your world and how you will engage and discern the Greater Community. The wisdom that we provide here can be very helpful to you in understanding what you are facing beyond the borders of your world. But we must call upon your strength. We must encourage you to mount this effort for yourselves, to educate your peoples and to undertake a Greater Community education."[3]

"It is a complex situation, and to understand it, you must have an education and preparation about the Greater Community of life itself—a reality that is unknown in the world. That is why the Revelation must speak of these things as well."[4]

The value of Greater Community awareness and education

"Unity in your world does not mean that everyone is the same, thinks the same or behaves in a similar manner. It can accommodate the diversity of cultures that the world now possesses. But there must be a unity of purpose, a common purpose to protect the resources of the world and to establish a boundary to space where all nations cooperate with one another, not only for their interests in their national security, but for the security of the entire world. This of course will require an unprecedented cooperation between your nations and governments. With a Greater Community education and awareness, this great accomplishment is possible."[5]

The responsibility to undertake a Greater Community education

"It is those who feel the strongest connection to the Greater Community who will help educate others—providing wisdom, sharing this New Revelation, contemplating what is being presented here, considering its implications for humanity and realizing how weak and divided humanity is in the face of great united forces in the universe. Surely this must prompt an emphasis on human unity and cooperation, the cessation of conflict and the necessity of giving the world’s focus, energy and attention to this great matter."[6]

"The great Unseen Spiritual Forces that exist in your world will support this wisdom and this education, for it is vital for humanity’s future. It is vital for humanity’s education and understanding of what must be done in the world now and where the strength to do what must be done will come from. You are part of the Greater Community. You have always lived in the Greater Community. And now it is time for humanity to emerge into the Greater Community, which was always its destiny."[6]


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