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"Political oppression, extreme poverty, deaden the spirit, deaden the soul." [1]

"People are living in very unnatural ways—being guided by their social conditioning, by their beliefs, by their ideas, by their grievances, by their political persuasions, by their nationalistic feelings, by their sexuality and by their hatred." [2]

"God has created the individual to be creative and expressive. If there is an attempt to override this with genetic conditioning, political oppression or social designation, it creates a fundamental conflict within the individual." [3]

Immersion filter

"People who are immersed in political interests or political actions fail to see the bigger picture here. They think everything is a political process or a social evolutionary process, but they have forgotten nature. They have forgotten the thing that provides the most essential elements that they require to be able to survive in this world. They have forgotten where their food comes from." [4]

Means to greater and lesser ends

"Politics is the means to achieve greater or lesser ends, but the greater and lesser ends are beyond the realm of politics itself. The intent to oppress a people and to become enriched by it is initiated before the political process is set in place over time. If the provision of the world is diminished, then the political process must try to adapt to this." [4]

"If a nation cannot provide the basic elements for its peoples, even if it becomes a democracy, even if it achieves a just system, it will not be able to stand. It will never have stability. And the people will be in constant distress, leading to further upheaval, leading to war between factions and groups vying for power, not only for their own political or religious ideologies, but to survive. This produces war at a level that is rarely seen in the modern world and has rarely been seen even historically. Yet it is a reality that has plagued the human family for the vast majority of its experience and its existence here on Earth." [4]

"The only reason that races are studied is for economic or political advantage in the Greater Community."[5]


"You must be aware of political and economic instability and how it is manifesting in certain places." [6]

"This is a real wake-up call for the peoples of the world. But they must see beyond their grievances and their political agendas and their tribal struggles and their hostilities towards other groups and other nations and begin to see that humanity will have to unite or it faces inevitable failure." [4]

"Nations that are forced to depend upon trade lose much of their self-determination in the process. Unable now to provide for themselves adequately, they must rely upon foreign provisions as well as foreign political influence to sustain them. For a nation that seeks to be free and self-sufficient, the problem of trade and dependence upon others is extremely great. That is why the three fundamental requirements to be free and self-sufficient in the universe are unity, a united population, self-sufficiency and extreme discretion." [7]

"To keep pace with this change and not merely be dragged along, kicking and complaining, to be able to actively participate in this and make a positive contribution, you will need to base your sense of security on something far more tangible than money or political stability and so forth. You must have a greater foundation within yourself." [8]

"The inner preparation is essential. If you do not know how to read the signs of the world, you will not know what to do in changing circumstances. You will act out of fear or aggression, or you will trust things you should not trust, or you will give yourself over to others who will only lead you into greater danger, or give yourself over to political persuasions that in themselves are a hazard. If you cannot see and cannot know, you will not know what to do, and you will follow others who claim they know what to do, but who in most cases will lead you into greater danger." [9]


"It is so easy to have a self-edifying position—to be of service, to sacrifice yourself, to have all the appearances of being a real servant to humanity, a soldier of freedom, a crusader for a greater cause. But what motivates you and what compromises you will make all the difference in the outcome. You can move people with promises of wealth, freedom and power—social power, economic power, political power. You can move people to do things. You can organize people’s activities. But it is the nature of your own motivation that will determine whether you can be a source of inspiration, whether you can ignite the desire for real freedom within others and not merely manipulate people’s passions and their oppressive circumstances for your own benefit or gain." [1]

"When people start to think that God has an absolute truth for their relative reality, this begins a form of tyranny that is very dangerous and difficult to overcome. Religious tyranny, political tyranny and personal tyranny are evident within people and within societies at large. Attempting to apply an absolute truth to a relative situation produces bondage and slavery and is completely counter productive. Its initial intent may have been well-meaning, but soon it produces violence and attack. [10]

"Intelligence breeds curiosity. It also exposes one to greater degrees of influence and stimulation. Nations become very interested in one another’s peculiarities, difficulties, corruptions, problems, conflicts and so forth—not only from a political standpoint, not only in the halls of government, but amongst citizens as well, who love to indulge themselves in the problems of others or in the suspicion of problems of others." [11]

Religion politicized

"Religious traditions have been aligned with political forces, have been used by ambitious individuals and have become institutions in and of themselves, seeking worldly power." [2]

"For nations that have maintained a religious tradition, it becomes wedded to the state so there is no competition, duality of power or crossing of intentions. Unfortunately, in this situation, religions end up losing their primary spiritual focus. They lose their essence and become vehicles of worshiping either the leadership or the race itself—praising the beneficence, the excellence and the superiority of one’s race, the inevitability of one’s success and one’s rightful superiority over other nations. When religion is united with a political system to this degree, it rarely survives the process and ends up being a ceremony for government and another method to keep the people focused and oriented towards the wishes and dictates of the state." ... "Where it has been able to maintain a certain degree of autonomy from the political system, it has had to focus itself entirely upon ceremony and transcendent matters—never criticizing or creating doubts about the dictates of the political system, never raising ethical questions about its treatment of its own citizens or its views or treatments of other citizens. As long as religion in these circumstances remained fundamentally transcendental, it was not a problem." [2]

"The problem with religions is that they are at war with each other’s manifestations and assumptions. That is not a problem for individuals who are grounded in religious experience. But people who are relating only to the manifestation will compete with one another and threaten one another because at this level of existence there is only identification with ideas. Here they will not want to challenge their own ideas because then the whole foundation of their identity will be threatened. That is a very mindless state and many people live there. If you think of religion only in terms of its manifestations—which are the behaviors exhibited by those who profess to believe in it, its tenets and its impact on people’s lives— then you are only dealing with religion as a political force." [12]

"It is as if the unreligious have taken over the business of religion for their own purposes. Never having realized its essential purpose and meaning, they have turned it into something else. It is like now a political party, and of course religion has political aims as well. This is so far apart from God’s initial impulse and intention for religion—to keep Knowledge alive in the world, to teach The Way of Knowledge, to encourage human responsibility and ethical behavior, not simply as a prescript or as a requirement for admission into Heaven or some other exalted future state." [13]

Co-optation of gifts

"Those who are most powerful, those that have the greatest degree of skill, must remain hidden, or they will simply be used by political powers, commercial powers and the powers of religious institutions. They will be used as tools to carry out activities that are unethical and destructive." [11]

"The Wise remain hidden: to remain alive and to maintain those greater powers and abilities that they have discovered. These powers and abilities have a real usefulness in the hands of the Wise, yet once these powers become used for political or military purposes, then their usefulness declines, and they can become weapons that are used against others. This is demonstrated in many places in the Greater Community. Finer and more subtle abilities exist within all individuals, and greater powers exist within particular individuals and within particular cultures or races. These can all be exploited for political or military value. Therefore, there is a great burden in carrying Knowledge and Wisdom: the burden of keeping them hidden, knowing who to share them with and how much to share." [14]

"There are two motivations for serving the world: one is where you are moved by Knowledge and the other is where you are moved by fear. For this reason, many students of Knowledge must temporarily withdraw from political or social involvements because fear still captivates them, captivate their minds.They do not permanently withdraw; they only need time because they must learn to become observant and discerning.They must develop some very fundamental and useful abilities." [15]

"Knowledge will indicate if you are to become involved in a political campaign or a campaign of social change. It will indicate if that is part of your education and destiny. To make these commitments without Knowledge is to cast yourself in life before you really know who you are and what your life is about. And you will be involved out of fear and anger. You will be involved because you resist or resent others and their actions. This is not the motivation that will bring real resolution to anything." [16]

Facing the Greater Community

"As humanity’s idea of itself changes, its social institutions and structures will change as well. Fundamentally, you will begin to see yourself as a member of your world, not simply as a member of a nation or of a group or of a religion or of a culture or of an extended family or of a political persuasion. All of these things will be overshadowed by the presence of the Greater Community, which will make them increasingly insignificant." [17]

"Your world has been visited throughout its history— sometimes even very frequently, as it is now. Yet now you are being scrutinized by several different groups for different reasons. There is a great deal of planning going on about how to influence humanity, how to use humanity, how to take advantage of the world’s wonderful natural resources, how to develop humanity according to the political aim of one or two other races and how to prevent humanity from falling into an enemy’s camp." [18]

"You need help from beyond the world to prepare for the Greater Community. How can you prepare yourself? You do not know what is out there. You do not know the political and economic situation as it exists even within your part of the universe. You do not know how to defend yourself, and you do not know who to defend yourself against. How will you tell who is friendly and who is not? Your visitors will be able to present any number of images or demonstrations to you. How will you know what they are doing unless you can read their intelligence?" [18]

"Because competition is so great in the Greater Community—the competition for resources, the competition for influence, the competition for trade and the competition for political power and persuasion—these are of paramount importance to any advanced nation, whether they be free or not." [11]

"In the Greater Community, warfare as you know it—which is one side destroying another— does occur but is rare because there are other more subtle and less destructive ways of accomplishing the same task. Make others think the way you want them to think. You can do this without firing a shot. Make others respond the way you want them to respond and you can control the outcome. Make others believe what you want them to believe and they are completely pliable. All of these are possible when there is no Knowledge. Without Knowledge, you are easily manipulated. Your behavior can be predicted, and you can be persuaded. Your beliefs, your ideals, your religions and your political conditions can all be used against you." [19]

Freedom from Exploitation

"Only when Knowledge is strong within you can you become immune from even Greater Community influences, for Knowledge is the only thing within you that cannot be manipulated or dominated. It is completely free in the physical universe, and that is why the more you are aligned with Knowledge and are in relationship with Knowledge, the more free and free from intervention you become." [19]

"Your personal mind cannot know God. Your personal mind can only yield to Knowledge within you, and Knowledge within you yields to Knowledge in the universe. Then everything is set into right order. And with right order comes real relationship. With real relationship comes a steady flow of communication. This is what enables you to be a contributor in the world. Then, you are not merely an individual running around trying to make things happen and trying to acquire things for yourself. You become a translator and a communicator for something greater. This is mysterious; it is beyond definition, even beyond the theologies of your world. It is pure. It is untainted. It cannot be used or harnessed for political or economic goals. It is everywhere. It is natural. It is pervasive. It cannot be corrupted by human interference. Human interference can only mislead the perceiver, but the essence of God’s work is beyond human contamination and beyond the contamination of any race anywhere in the Greater Community. Understand this and you will be able to have a different approach to your relationship with the Divine and to the Divine presence and activity in the world." [20]

"You can begin to see here again why Knowledge is such a threat, for a person who is engaged with this reality begins to differentiate from the normal structured patterns of life and is now able to function more creatively with greater discernment. Their mind is free from the governance of societies, political structures, ideology or nationalism." [21]

"Nations and entire populations of any world cannot be elevated all at once. Only certain individuals can be prepared to contribute to their race in order to elevate it, strengthen it and so forth. Through their efforts and demonstrations, their own society and population at large can slowly advance. Therefore, the work is done through individuals here and there. It is not done through governments. It is not done through organized religions. It is not done through large groups. It is not done through social groups, political groups or economic groups. Instead, it is done through individuals who are prepared to assume a greater understanding and ability." [18]

"Your natural inclinations for spirituality, for social cooperation and productivity, for political stability and for justice and equanimity will prepare you for the future and enable you to do whatever needs to be done in order to survive, to advance and to bring a greater order, peace and justice into the world. It will not be a perfect order, but it must be a greater order. It will not be a perfect peace, but it must be a greater peace. It will not be a perfect justice, but it must be a greater justice." [17]

Exploitation of the New Revelation

"This is a New Message from God. This is what it looks like before it is adulterated, corrupted and wed with other things by people and turned into a political tool or used by religious institutions to establish their power and their dominance." [22]

"I know that everything that happens in the world will eventually have a political expression and that anything good that is given to the world will be used by someone to produce harm. I know that. I know that even The Greater Community Way of Knowledge that I am presenting will be misused by many people. Does that mean I should not give it? No, it is simply the liability of giving in the world." [12]


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