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A More Difficult Place for the Human Family

"What people think and where the world is going are not the same." [1]

Humanity's home world

"You depend upon the soils of the world. You depend upon the stable climate of the world. You depend upon the food that is grown and the availability of fresh waters—more than anything else; more than your political systems or your religious beliefs; more than your complex theories and all of your hobbies and activities, your employment and the complexity of relations between nations. More than all of this, you are dependent upon these simple and elemental things to live in this world, and not only to live, but to prosper and to have a chance to build civilization—now a new civilization, based upon cooperation and responsibility." [2]

"Do not ever think that this world is owned by anyone else, that any other race in the universe has rights to this world or has any special privilege for visiting this world or can make any claims of ownership to this world or any claims of authorship for human evolution. This is your planet of origin. It has been given to you by the Creator of the universe with the hope and the desire that you would prosper here and maintain this world as the precious resource that it is. It has been given so that it may sustain you through your difficult phases of development and so that it may sustain you as you emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life, where such worlds of biological diversity are rare."[3]

"Your world is being 'visited' by several alien races and by several different organizations of races. This has been actively going on for some time. There have been visitations throughout human history, but nothing of this magnitude. The advent of nuclear weapons and the destruction of your natural world have brought these forces to your shores." [4]

A world rich in resources

"This world is such a beautiful place, so rich biologically, with so many important resources that are difficult to find in a universe of barren worlds." [5]

This world betrayed

"The world has been violated. And thus the world will create retribution, but it will not be God’s retribution. It will be the retribution that humanity has created for itself and the retribution born of errors."[6]

"Humanity has forgotten what it owes to the world. It comes as a thief, not as one who comes to a marriage. It comes to take and to exploit. It comes to pillage. And thus it has to face the ruin of its consequences."[6]

A Temporary Place for the Separated

"God made the world as a temporary place for the separated. The separated have turned it into a hellish environment because they are without Knowledge." [7]

A world of declining resources

"There are so many people in the world that have so little, and there are so few that have so much. The resources of the world are shrinking, and the problems of the world are growing." [8]

"Most people do not even have enough to even live a balanced and harmonious life, so the more you want for yourself, the more you draw from the limited resources of the world, the more you deprive other people." [9]

"When another nation’s resources are being taken and overwhelmed and it puts up resistance to this, then there is war." [10]

"For humanity has overwhelmed the earth in its provision of vital resources. You are entering a time now when even food and water will become increasingly difficult for nations to acquire adequately, where entire cities will be running out of water and where food will not be available to entire nations in adequate supply. You are reaching the limits of what the world can provide." [10]

"If food production were severely damaged all at one time, it could set in motion forces that would be very difficult or impossible to control. The wealthy nations could not send food to the poor nations because they could not gain access to it. It would not be available, for everyone would be hoarding now, protecting their own populations. You can give away your surplus, but if you have no surplus, you have nothing to give in this regard." [11]

"The greatest threats to even the most established nations in the universe are: the loss of resources, biological contamination and environmental collapse. These three things affect the behavior of stable and evolved nations more than anything else." [12]

Healing the World

"The world cannot heal its ills. It knows not of its remedy. Nor will the world be perfected until what is beyond becomes acceptable. For a perfected world is like the gate that opens of itself. As long as the world is sought as a place of isolation, it will be maintained in chaos to serve that purpose."[13]

This changing world

"Many people around the world are feeling a great discomfort, a great uneasiness about the condition of the world, and have grave concern for the future of the world and for the future of humanity. They sense and feel and know that they are living at a time of great power, a time that will determine the fate and the outcome for humanity. This is not an intellectual understanding as much as it is a visceral experience, a powerful recognition, an innate sense of awareness—all of which come from Knowledge within people." [14]

"You are entering a new world—a degraded world, a world of diminishing resources and productivity, a world whose deteriorating condition will have the greatest impact upon the lives of people everywhere and the circumstances they will have to contend with. This is casting a dark future for their children. They are stealing from their children. They are robbing their children of a safe and secure future." [2]

"The world is going somewhere. It has a future and a destiny. How it will get there is up to the decisions you make today and the decisions that many others make along with you. Yet you do have a destiny, and this cannot be changed. How well you will fare in this destiny is dependent upon your development and the development of others. The world will emerge into the Greater Community. Humanity will eventually become one united society. Whether this emergence gives you your greatest opportunity for advancement or whether it enslaves your race is partially up to you. Whether humanity’s united society is a society of Wisdom, compassion and understanding that can tolerate diversity or whether it is an oppressive society with a cruel and harsh dictatorship that values control beyond all things, the outcome is up to you and up to others along with you." [15]

"The world, in its great change, can serve you if you can approach it correctly. The shock of the world can prepare you. It can shake you out of your dreams of happiness and disaster. It can bring you to your senses. It can call upon your strengths and your determination and most certainly your compassion for people." [16]

One of many worlds

Are there many worlds such as ours in space?
"There are many worlds that have been stripped of their natural resources and have become barren as a result. Certainly, terrestrial worlds such as yours are rare, maybe one out of five or six thousand planets contain the biological diversity that you enjoy and take for granted here in your world. That still accounts for many planets in the universe. But such planets are always occupied, are always valued and the native races always have to defend their rights, their privileges and their stewardship as they begin to emerge into the Greater Community."[17]

"The world is but [one of] numerous worlds, countless worlds in the Greater Community, where intelligent life has evolved and, in many places, where intelligent life has colonized."[18]

Responsibility in the world

“God will not let you be close to God because God wants you to be here. The Angels will not let you be close to them because if you become close to them, you will not want to be in this world with all of its difficulties, its fragmented relationships, its problematic human relationships. God wants to turn your eyes to the world, but with the power and the presence of Knowledge to guide you.” [19]

"The contradiction of living in this world is that it is a hiding place." [20]

"If you were not in this world, it would be so much easier to make proper decisions. But you are here.You have taken on the natural inhabitancy of this world in a physical body, but the possibility of true perception still exists." [21]

"Why would you escape the world when it holds part of the answer that you yourself cannot provide? Why would you seek to become spiritually superior to everyone else when The Way of Knowledge will join you with everyone else and emphasize that which is common to all? [22]

"The world has what you need only insofar as it can give you the opportunity to give, to engage yourself fully and to avoid the little preoccupations, addictions and difficulties that keep people in chains here." [23]

"The world is a place where you have come to serve, to give and to reunite with those whom you are destined to meet, to know and to participate with."... "The world is primarily a place to give."... "You have come from beyond the world bearing gifts for the world."... "Instead of a place to proclaim yourself and to establish yourself, it is a place to get something done behind the scenes, in secret, without recognition and acclaim." [24]

"Anything can happen to you while you are here. Yet Knowledge will protect you if you can respond to it. Knowledge will lead you to the right people and will develop slowly and carefully the right understanding if you are patient, persistent and honest in your approach." [25]

"You must come to life. Life is waiting for you. You must come to the world because the world needs you. The world needs the gifts that you have brought with you, and you need to give these gifts to realize your value and your purpose here. There is no other way to come to terms with the contradictions of your life, your personality and your relationships." [25]

"God is not managing the world. God is not creating the catastrophes, the storms, the earthquakes, the floods, the droughts. God is watching to see how humanity will deal with a world it has changed—a new world, a new and unpredictable world." [26]

"God is calling you to respond, both within yourself and to the signs of the world. To see the signs, you must be looking and paying attention, not just here and there, but continuously. Like the birds in the air and the animals in the field, you are watching your environment. Just like them, you have a great need to do this. Everything you value—your future, the people you care about, even your own life—will depend upon this. It is not looking with fear. It is not living in a state of trepidation. It is looking with clear eyes, with the power and the presence of Knowledge. That will make all the difference in whether you can see or not and whether you can look upon the world with dread and anxiety or with certainty, compassion and determination." [16]

"Knowledge will bring you to the world, for you must serve the world. You must help humanity in your own unique and appointed way. Perhaps you will serve only one or two people, take care of one or two people. Perhaps you will take care of wildlife or the environment. Perhaps you will serve the interests of your local community or your local church. Perhaps you will serve the interests of your nation or the international community."[27]


"Honor the world because without your judgment you will realize it is a place of grace, a place of beauty and a place that blesses you as you learn to bless it." [28]

"Here the management of your resources, the distribution of your resources, the cooperation between nations, becomes an imperative, not simply an ideal or a wished-for set of circumstances." [10]

"Do not, then, condemn the world when in fact it creates the right conditions for your redemption." [8]

"When you are out in the world, you should be focused on your environment. Do not be listening to music on your headset. Do not be talking endlessly on your telephone. Do not be dreaming and imagining your mind far away from where you are. You must be watching and listening.

When you step out the door of your home, you must be paying attention to your environment, to discern what is occurring there, to discern any hazards or any changes in approach that are necessary for you. If people would do this, they would make far fewer mistakes and avoid terrible catastrophes. It only takes one moment of not paying attention to end your life or to alter it completely. The animals know this. They are paying attention. People do not know this. They are not paying attention. So, in spite of their greater intelligence and capabilities, they are far more prone to make foolish and unnecessary mistakes."



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