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"You came into the world to bring healing to the world." [1]

"Healing comes as a result of recognizing a greater purpose in your life." [2]

"Whatever healing transpires within you must be expressed in the world, and this expression will complete the inner process of healing." [1]


"If the problem is purely mechanical, go to a doctor and fix it. If it deals with your mind, which is often the case, or has a mental equivalent, well, you need to go work with someone a little bit to get back into relationship, restore your self-expression and gain some perspective on your life." [3]

"To take care of your body, feed it properly. Find out if there are some foods aggravating you or not. Be sure to exercise, and practice some form of meditation or time of quiet. For ninety-nine percent of the people, this is adequate." [3]

"You must recognize your psychological weaknesses, your unforgiveness of others and your unresolved conflicts from the past. You must explore how these things can be resolved."[4]

"If your body is weak, if your body is out of shape, then it may not be able to sustain you as a vehicle in this world. Many promising people have fallen because their physical health was inadequate to sustain the life that they had assumed. Here again you must assess your strengths and your weaknesses. Everyone physically has weak links in their health. What are those weak links? Where is your body strong and where is it fragile? What must you eat that is proper for maintaining a strong constitution? You must exercise every day and find the time to do this." [4]

"Your relationship with your mind and your body are the primary arenas where healing and empowerment must occur."[5]

"You must reclaim your Being within the physical and the mental environments because you were sent here to do that. These are the arenas where the disassociation within yourself must be healed." [5]

Healing Within

"The New Message teaching on relationships and higher purpose will require that you complete and that you forgive your former life so that you are free and powerful enough to take a greater journey. There is no escaping this work. There is no bypassing this work. There is no running away from your past. There is no hiding or denying or rejecting something that is real within yourself. Everything must come out into the open to be reconsidered and re-evaluated. You must be free to express grief, disappointment, anger. You must have this emotional freedom, or you are like a person who is held in chains, chained to a wall." [2]

"If you consider yourself to be only an object, a body, you will only relate to other objects and bodies. Yet if you experience yourself as part of the Presence, you will then learn to recognize the Presence in others. This is part of the healing process." [5]

"People think healing is just making painful things go away, like healing a wound in your body. But healing at the level of your thinking and emotions is really something else. It is not just an escape from pain; it is not just wanting to make something go away. It requires facing something and determining its real value and meaning for your life. That is healing. It is turning something that was harmful and painful into something that is beneficial and useful. It is the recognition and the restoration of wisdom and value from something." [2]

“Is there hope for the world? Only if there is hope for you. Will the world experience healing? Only if you can experience healing. What is healing but the renewing of your most primary relationship? There is no other true healing than this.” [5]

“There are many, many ideas—even philosophies—about healing. Beyond the purely mechanical repair of the physical body, there is a great deal of speculation on the cause and nature of illness and the reparation of illness. Remedies vary depending on how far you want to go. Because any dysfunction, mental or physical, is part of your total life here, it cannot be isolated and separated out. If you wish to address a chronic problem, you must address your entire life.” [3]

“This is part of the reconciliation that must happen, part of the cleaning and clearing of old and negative emotions, part of the restoration of your mind. What was oppressing you before is now being replaced by the ability to discern your experience and to determine how you want to communicate with people. Before you were too oppressed to have this freedom of choice, but now you are able to exercise it more freely. Self-trust now returns to you. The appreciation for your life, even for your mistakes, now returns to you as you are able to gain a greater value and wisdom from these experiences. Instead of running away from yourself or avoiding yourself, you are opening the doors to your inner world, letting all the demons out, letting all the darkness out, turning on the lights in the dark recesses of your mind.” [6]

“In the most practical sense, true healing deals with being involved in something greater.” [7]

Healing Without

"The healing of humanity will come as a result of it meeting a greater challenge together. The resolution of your long-standing disputes and your unforgiveness with each other will be resolved by meeting a greater challenge together. And this challenge is here now. It is a challenge that is overshadowing the entire world. This indeed is the great change that you feel." [8]

"True healing is to bring two things that are disassociated into meaningful relationship with each other." [5]

"Your relationship with God is what must be healed, for that is the primary conflict in your life. Your disassociation from God is the source of all of your conflicts and disabilities. However, the resolution of this fundamental conflict will take place within your relationship with yourself, with others and with the world." [5]

"Life is not about having answers. You already have plenty of answers, and they have not answered your deeper needs. So having answers cannot be the emphasis. Experience must be the emphasis. Relationships are healed through experience." [5]


“One of the most important aspects of healing things in the world, beyond yourself, is leaving things alone. Ninety percent of the time you leave things alone, like someone cultivating a garden. Ninety percent of the time you leave things alone. Ten percent of the time you carry out a very specific action that makes everything else possible. By leaving things alone, I am not saying you neglect things because the good gardener never neglects the garden, but he or she understands that there is a greater process that actually produces and brings about the results in a predictable manner. This is a new way of helping people. Often when people help others, they want the other person to look good so that they themselves can feel okay.” [3]

"Grave failure and disappointment in relationships will leave scars, which will affect your ability to participate in the future. Eventually, they can prevent your ability to successfully be in relationship with others. A few scars will not disable you, but many scars will deny you your fulfillment in relationship. To heal these wounds from the past, you must follow Knowledge, for Knowledge can repair all things. It is the great source of healing within yourself. If you have had many disappointments in your relationships, the requirement for you to be objective, to be discerning, to practice inner stillness and to be cautious will be greater. You will need to move more carefully than before. In fact, you will be naturally inclined to do this." [9]


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