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"An awakening has begun, an awakening to a deeper realm within yourself, a deeper experience." [1]

Spiritual awakening

"This is a time when a great awakening must happen within you, a great stirring of the heart."[2]

"it is only a matter of time before all minds awaken to the light of Knowledge within themselves. This can take a very long time, but time is with you."[3]


"Awake from your dreams, then, and become attentive."[4]

"Receive the call of Knowledge, which is the call of God for you to awaken and participate with life.[5]

The Shock of Awareness

"People think spiritual awakening is all bliss and happiness. Yes, there is a great relief. Yes, there is a great homecoming. But then you begin to experience the predicament that you and the world are in. And though you are not likely to become panicked or terrified, you will go to work very soon, and you will work continuously.""[6]

"When you begin to awaken, one of the first things you realize upon awakening is your predicament. It is not a happy awakening, necessarily. Yes, it is a great relief to finally feel what you really feel and to know what you really know. Yet what you see at the beginning is your predicament, and you say, 'Oh, no! Oh, my God!' You feel it, and you know it, and it is powerful. And you ask yourself, 'Am I just being negative? Am I just being fearful? Or is it really like this?' It is really like this."[6]

"When you share The Way of Knowledge with others, even if you do nothing more than say, 'Read this,' or 'Consider this idea,' you are challenging them to awaken, which is a difficult process in and of itself. You are challenging them to throw off the weight of seemingly endless dreaming and speculation and to awaken into a situation where there is great disorder in the world and great suffering as well. You are asking them to do this when you present The Way of Knowledge. You are giving them the greatest challenge, and you are giving them the ultimate gift." [6]

"It is a great challenge to be the one who is awakened while others are still sleeping and dreaming. It can be a great challenge to be the one who sees, knows and feels the great change that is coming while others remain numb or turn their backs."[7]

"Perhaps you will wonder if you are going mad, but you are not going mad." [8]

"To the worldly mind, this can seem like madness. To Heaven, the worldly mind acting alone is confirmed madness."[9]

The Shock of the New

"As you become attentive to life, you will begin to witness the mystery of life in all things. How great this will be for you who are now awakening from the sleep of your own separate imagination. The mystery of life will inspire you and call to you. It will confirm the mystery of your own life, which is becoming ever more real and demonstrative to you."[10]

Spiritual Awakening Defined

"The great awakening, the redemption that must take place is reconnecting your thinking mind, your personal mind that has been conditioned and shaped by culture, family and religion, to the deeper mind that God has placed within you, the mind of Knowledge." [11]

Relationships and Spiritual Awakening

"You must seek now a different kind of relationship with people who are undergoing a similar process of awakening within themselves, people who are beginning to stir from a long and troubled sleep. You need them now to bear witness to the process that is happening within yourself. Your life is being stirred by a deeper set of needs and by the emergence of a greater purpose."[8]

"Commitment to personal romance is the commitment to stay in fantasy about another and to use the other person to support your fantasy about yourself. If either of you in this relationship awakened, it would threaten the relationship itself."[12]

The Interdependent Agency of God

"What God does in the world God will do through you, but God’s presence in the world activates Knowledge in all minds and calls to all minds to awaken. This substantiates, confirms and strengthens the emergence of Knowledge wherever it is occurring."[13]

"The Greater Reality of which you are a part wishes to express itself through you in the world so that you may experience your own greatness and the greatness of others. Here you extend the experience of your Spiritual Family into the world. Here you experience your Ancient Home while you are in the world. This sparks all minds that are still asleep to awaken. This is the mystery of Knowledge."[14]

"The Power and the Presence watches over you and all people in the world, waiting for those who are ready, waiting for those who are ready to awaken from their deep sleep of desire and disappointment, watching over the world, waiting for those minds that seek freedom-not just an outer freedom, but an inner freedom-waiting for the moment of readiness in the individual."[15]

Awakening to Urgency

The Unseen Ones "are aware of people’s complacency and the foolish things that people tell themselves. They know the struggle and the tribulation. They know the intense desire and courage it takes to awaken, even from a happy dream. The Unseen Ones know the situation is urgent, and they are concerned for you. They are not only concerned with what calamities might prevail if people do not prepare. They are also concerned that you may miss your opportunity to give your greater gifts here in the world. In a sense, this is a greater tragedy. It means that so much effort and work on your behalf will have come to naught."[16]

Spiritual Awakening, Practical Application

"The signs of the world are calling you to prepare—to awaken from your dreams of self-fulfillment, to prepare for the Great Waves of change and to prepare for the Greater Community."[17]

Demonstrable Characteristics of Awakening

"Patience, perseverance, stillness, objectivity, observation—these are all very important qualities of a mind that is becoming still. It is not going to sleep. It is becoming awake, present and observant. It is becoming a witness to life rather than attempting to be its master."[18]

"If Knowledge can be activated in you, it will affect everyone with whom you come in contact. Indeed, it will affect people who are not even in your physical proximity. When you are activated, others are activated as a result. This is the spark to awaken, and with it come the specific tasks for you to do in life."[19]

Awakening as Metaphor

"You see, the Plan of the Creator calls for people to awaken each other. Now, a few people have to be awakened by the Unseen Ones in order to start this process and to keep it going because people keep falling back to sleep. Someone has to keep ringing the bell! Someone has to keep turning on the lights and rolling up the shades. It is like waking in the morning, and oh, you are so tired. And you open one eye and you say, 'No, forget it!'”[6]


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