Spiritual initiation

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"God has found you as you are drifting in the vastness of the seas, found you. Like a tiny speck on the surface of the ocean, you have been found. You have been found by the Revelation." [1]

"Your Inner Teachers come closer because your initiation has called them to you. As you begin to awaken, your Inner Teachers come to your side. They were observing you from a distance before, but now their participation in your life becomes more active and more necessary."[2]

"Knowledge within you will initiate a relationship with the Greater Powers. These Greater Powers are really greater individuals. They are not merely forces of persuasion that exist in the mental environment. They are actually greater individuals. But this engagement will not be on your terms, and it will not meet your romantic notions. Nor can you use them [the Greater Powers] to offset your own insecurity and to bolster yourself, for they will not respond to you unless your request is authentic and you are actually in a position to see, know and do greater things.

They will set the terms of engagement because they are wise and powerful. You are the young apprentice that does not know anything and is still filled with false assumptions and incorrect ideas.."[3]


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