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"There are great spiritual powers in the universe, but do not confuse them with those who are intervening in your world, or you will make a critical and perhaps fatal error in judgment."[1]

"No one who is visiting your world now or in recent times is beneficial to humanity. They all represent competing forces vying for power and influence here. They are all part of the Intervention, which is made up of more than one race. If you could understand your situation more thoroughly, then you would recognize that intervention in any form is detrimental to humanity and that such intervention is being carried out for self-interest to gain control and to gain domination.

No true ally of humanity would be in the world trying to manipulate human awareness, trying to control human behavior, trying to steer human destiny to its own ends."[2]

"Nations who are aware of your presence, who are not intervening in your world, will respect your sphere of influence if it is established within this solar system alone. But beyond that, any intrusions into space or into the territories or worlds governed or owned by others will be intensely resisted."[3]

"There are those in the universe who are keeping Knowledge and Wisdom alive and who practice a Greater Community Spirituality. They do not travel all about, casting influence over different worlds. They do not take people against their will. They do not steal your animals and your plants. They do not cast influence over your governments. They do not seek to breed with humanity in order to create a new leadership here. Your allies do not interfere in human affairs. They do not manipulate human destiny. They watch from afar and they send emissaries such as ourselves, at great risk to us, to give counsel and encouragement and to clarify things when that becomes necessary." [4]

The non-intervention of the allies of humanity at this time

"Unlike those intervening in your world at this time, we seek only to observe and to advise. Once our transmissions are complete, we will have to withdraw for our own safety."[3]

"Once we depart, there can be no further direct assistance to you."[3]

"Now it is true that humanity does have potential allies in the Greater Community, but they are not intervening here. They recognize that humanity is not yet ready for Contact, for you have not even begun to establish the three requirements.

They will not come and share their technology with you because they know that you would turn it into weaponry, and it would only endanger the human family even more.

They will not come and teach you peace because you would reject them, and you would misuse their offerings. You would either hold them up to be deities, or you would try to fight them.

They will send their wisdom from afar, which they have as the Allies of Humanity, but they will not come."[5]

The non-intervention of acquisitive forces at this time

"At this moment, larger powers in the universe who are aware of you, view you as reckless and destructive. Though they themselves are not intervening in your world, they will allow other independent commercial forces to attempt to gain access here. Should that access be accomplished and fulfilled, and should the power of authority be shifted from the human family to others, then the larger powers will enter to take advantage of the situation."[3]


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