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"Faith in humanity, faith in the power of good human leadership, faith in the necessity and the requirement of human unity, self-sufficiency and discretion—you must never lose this faith."[1]

"When the religious leaders of the world and the political leaders of the world recognize that they have a fundamental common interest and common mission to defend the human family, then they can bring all of their assets to bear in this regard. This will largely overshadow their disagreements and their hostilities towards one another."[2]

"Humanity will be led by those who are strong with Knowledge and by those who recognize the importance of their integrity and the value of their true relationships. Everyone who can do this is a leader—within their families, within their circle of friends and influence, even within the leadership of those in religion and government."[3]

Warnings to leaders

"Beware, the leaders of nations and the leaders of religion. Beware if you seek to hurt or conquer another nation for your own advantage or to express your grievance or your ancient animosities. Be aware that you are casting yourself into the darkness and into confusion and misery, and you will bring desolation, destitution and ruin upon your peoples as a result."[4]

"Those who would take up the sword in the name of God or for political advantage will have failed their mission and calling in life, and they will lead others to failure as well."[4]

Leaders in this world and other worlds

"There are no leaders in the world. Those who appear to be leaders are either following Knowledge or they are following their ambitions."[5]

"The great recipients of Knowledge, those who are leaders, their lives are bound to Knowledge.They are following it."[5]

"Everyone here must become a leader of his or her life, but one thing important about a leader is that a leader is a follower. You are not the source of leadership.You can only express it as it emerges in your own life. Either the Creator is guiding you in your leadership or something else is guiding you—anger, desire for power, grief or vengeance. They provide leadership too. All leaders must serve something. Be it God or be it their own ideas or ambition, they are serving something. They are not the source of their own leadership."[6]

"In many other societies in the Greater Community that have attained wisdom to any degree, their greater leadership are all females. Males run society and females provide the Knowledge."[7]

Leaders at the time of the Great Waves of change

"Great decisions will have to be made as to how humanity will proceed—decisions both at the level of government and leadership and at the level of each person."[8]

"The leaders will be confused. They will be overwhelmed. Even if they have an understanding of the dangers ahead, they will be overwhelmed by the needs of the day and the circumstances they face at this moment. They do not have the support of their peoples to instigate radical change in how their nations function, or in establishing a new direction for their economies. They have to keep everything going as it is already, or they face social upheaval; they face resistance and denial and a loss of support.

They are in a conundrum, you see. To sustain stability today, they sacrifice their ability to prepare for tomorrow. You would do no better if you were the leader."[9]

“Overconsumption is the engine of war. It forces nations to intervene with other nations, to compete with other nations, to exploit other nations. You cannot simply blame political leaders or political theories when people’s way of life itself is generating the need for this exploitation.” [10]

"Yet if humanity chooses a different path, recognizing the inherent dangers involved in facing these Great Waves of change, recognizing the seriousness of their reality and the great consequences that they can have for the well-being and for the future of humanity, then wise individuals and leaders of nations and religious institutions can recognize that divided, humanity will fail in the face of the Great Waves of change."[11]

"The choices are few, but they are fundamental. And those choices must not be made simply by the leaders of nations and religious institutions, but by each citizen.""[11]

"It is certainly not a time to just think that government leaders should take care of the problem for you, for you must now look to your life and to your circumstances."[11]

"The Great Waves of change will require this kind of selfless action increasingly, and for those who can cultivate this selfless approach to life, they will be in a position to lead others, to help others, to rescue others and to empower others. Those who are worshipped and idolized today may be replaced by a whole different set of leaders whose skills and whose compassion raise them above everyone else."[12]

Leadership at the time of human emergence into the Greater Community

"Humanity has reached this great threshold. It has also reached the great threshold where it will have to contend with invasive forces from the universe, who are here to take advantage of the situation, to present themselves as benign, enlightened and all powerful—qualities that a weakened and more desperate humanity can easily be seduced by.

Such inducements are already being placed upon the leaders of religion, nations and commerce." [13]

"The Intervention will undermine people’s belief and confidence in their leaders and their institutions, thus fostering a vacuum of confidence that can easily be shifted to a foreign power that is presenting itself as a benign and advanced race."[14]

The Intervention "will promote the idea that human leadership cannot save the world, that humanity is essentially destructive and that only a foreign power—only the power of the Intervention—can save humanity from itself, from destroying itself, from destroying its world and from succumbing to the Great Waves of change."[15]

"Foreign races that do not possess military assets can gain control of a large world full of violent individuals. These intervening races will support humanity’s decline and will undermine the strength of the strongest nations, setting them in competition and conflict with one another. They will encourage human conflict by promising world dominance to certain leaders of nations and religions."[8]

"How humanity will respond, both its leaders and its citizens, will make all the difference in the outcome." [4]

"People are full of grievance. They are full of needs. They are full of, in some cases, desperate needs—poverty and oppression. The leaders of the world are either blind or cannot communicate what they have been told, what they see and know. So the peoples of the nations remain ignorant about the greatest event in human history, the greatest challenge to human freedom and sovereignty and the greatest opportunity for human unity and cooperation.

For you will not be able to engage with a Greater Community of life as a warring and conflicting set of tribes and nations. You will have no strength and efficacy there, and your vulnerability will be so apparent to others."[16]

"The outcome is not simply up to the leaders of the nations and the religions. It is ultimately up to every person."[4]

"Life is moving us forward rapidly and forcing us to face certain realities we have never had to face before. The Greater Community is a new reality. Do we move forward to face this, or do we stay behind with our fears, prejudices and the false security of our old assumptions? We can no longer take a passive approach and wait for our government and religious leaders to guide us in these matters. They may know less than we do, or their position may be compromised by what they don’t want us to know. Therefore, The Allies of Humanity Briefings are being sent directly to the people."[17]

"The preparation doesn’t start with our leaders doing something. It starts with you and me and the next person who is fortunate enough to receive this new understanding from the Allies of Humanity."[17]

False leaders

"Many false leaders will arise in times of great difficulty and much bad information and guidance will be offered. Some of these individuals will truly be dangerous."[18]

The potential for leaders to respond the New Revelation

"The New Message has been brought to the people and not to the leaders, who have elevated themselves and concealed themselves and fortified themselves and isolated themselves. They are circumscribed by how they have created their position in life. It will be more difficult for them even though the New Message is for them as well.” [19]

"It is curious that the world’s religious leaders will perhaps be the most resistant to learning a Greater Community Spirituality. To preserve their traditions, their authority and their power, they will perhaps deny the very thing that will give their tradition a future in the Greater Community."[20]

The role of religious leaders

Leaders "must essentially be providers, and they must essentially be a maintainer. The role of being a religious leader in whatever context it may exist—whether it is within a formal tradition, whether it is within a hierarchy of leadership or whether it is much more informal, dealing with smaller groups of people—it is in all cases a role primarily focused on providing and maintaining." [21]

"The great spiritual leadership in the time to come will be primarily given to women, for this is the Age of the Women. Part of the restructuring of society is for this purpose, and it is happening naturally. Therefore, many women will become true leaders."[7]

The leaders of the Collectives

"You will not meet their leaders, for they are hidden. You will only encounter their servants and their human representatives. "[22]


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