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“The poverty of the body, the poverty of the mind and the poverty of the Spirit represent the great impoverishment of the human family. For all the great talents that the Creator of all life has imbued within the human family remain lost and unknown, forgotten and restrained. If this were not the case, the human family would be at a very different stage of development and accomplishment in the world today.”[1]

Limited resources

Material Poverty Quotes

"Most people do not even have enough to even live a balanced and harmonious life, so the more you want for yourself, the more you draw from the limited resources of the world, the more you deprive other people." [2]

“Every person is in the world to be a vehicle of communication and service. This is their greater purpose, but more than half the world is under the yoke of poverty and political and religious oppression. There are very few free nations in the world. People are circumstantially oppressed, politically oppressed, religiously oppressed, but the New Revelation is still for them, and for you—for the rich, for the poor, for the advantaged and for the disadvantaged, for the leaders of nations and for the refugees living at the edge of the city.” [3]

“So many of humanity’s future great leaders, scientists, physicians and inventors are bound by grinding poverty or oppressed in oppressive regimes, and their greater gifts will not be discovered and expressed as a result." … "Here is where poverty and oppression hold back the entire human race, diminish the prospects for the human family. This is why women must be free to assume positions of leadership and power and innovation, for if you suppress half of humanity, you deny all of humanity half of what it could create and produce that would be entirely beneficial.”[4]

"How many saints have arisen from the slums and the wretched conditions of humanity? Poverty is a better breeding ground for sainthood than wealth and affluence." [5]

“Oppression will continue. Poverty will continue. But certain people will escape. They will jump out of the fire. For them something special will happen inside. Whether their circumstances be oppressed by poverty or political restraints or whether their circumstances are affluent and easy and undemanding, they have begun to escape the poverty of the soul.”[1]

"One of the great tragedies of human poverty, which is so rampant in the world today and which has the risk of growing ever greater in the future, is that the great assets of these people will never be discovered, will never be allowed to emerge. The great scientists, the great thinkers, the great politicians, the great religious leaders, the great servants of humanity will all be kept under the yoke of poverty." [6]

"Many people will perish in the future, either through poverty and oppression or through ignorance and foolishness. Nations will be tempted to go to war with each other over the remaining resources, which will be ever more difficult to secure. And the grievances of humanity, so long standing, will flare here and there and everywhere."[7]

"Even if you were born under very difficult or deprived circumstances, there is still a recognition of gratitude."[8]


Poverty and the Poor

"The wealthy are far more deluded than the poor. They are far more distracted. They are far more seduced. They have far greater attachments to things of little value than do the poor." [5]

“Do not curse your poverty. Build your connection to Knowledge. Do not hate your oppressors. Build your connection to Knowledge. Do not treat others with cruelty. Build your connection to Knowledge. Come back to God, to what God has placed within you, for you and for others. This is the way.”[1]

“The great saints amongst you will come from the poor even more than the rich. The great inventors, the great physicians, the great engineers, the great craftsmen, the great politicians, the great leaders of humanity will so often come from the lowest ranks of society. History has proven this.”[1]

"If you failed because of poverty and oppression, there is no judgment against you for this. There will only be the desire to return and try again." [9]

"It would be so meaningful if people could trade places even for a short time. The very poor could live with the very rich and vice versa. And yet the rich suffer as if they have nothing." [8]

"God pities the wealthy who cannot find the gift that their relative freedom would provide. They can be more tragic than the poor, whose needs are evident and more easily fulfilled."[10]

Take Care of the Poor

"The richest amongst you must be prepared to take care of people, for there will be great human need in the future, greater than you have known, greater than that occurs even at the moment. Your richest person in the world should take care of thousands of people—feed them and provide for them. You have already destroyed their livelihood. It is impossible now for them to farm their land. Their local resources have been depleted, the land has been set to waste, so it is now your job to feed them and take care of them. That will be your job. And if you are to generate more wealth, it will be for this purpose." [11]

"There must be a great sharing here, a great compassion here. Here you do not throw the poor some pittance, some little excess of your wealth. For there will be poverty of a very grave nature as nations fail, as agriculture fails, as people cannot afford their food, as essential energy becomes rare and inaccessible to many people. Take 20% of your wealth and spend it on taking care of people. That is what the future will require if humanity is to have stability and if humanity is to avoid the ravages of war and deprivation, hunger and starvation." [11]

"The peoples of the world who cannot find shelter and food and security and sanitation, they all need assistance. It is the calling for the wealthy to provide for poverty at this level." [10]


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