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"Gratitude is a recognition of the giving of others and of the giving of life. It is a recognition of what you have right now. It is a recognition of the miracle of your existence."[1]

"Gratitude is a recognition in the moment."[1]



"If you are not experiencing joy and gratitude on a regular basis, you are disassociated from your real life and existence here, and you have let the trials of the world and your own disappointments in little things overtake you."[1]

"Everything can be problematic in your life, and yet you can still have this experience of confirmation. Look at your true ally and feel grateful. Look at this study in Greater Community Spirituality and be thankful that you have it, for you could be lost without it. Be grateful that you can live today, that you have your health, and that you have the opportunity to give to someone else." [2]


"To honor those who have given to you will generate gratitude, which is the beginning of true love and appreciation." [3]

"You are literally walking on the ground that was built by the giving of others."[4]

"How can you not have gratitude for the world when it is teaching you the results and the outcome of all of your dispositions that are not guided by Knowledge?"[5]

"Learning the Way of Knowledge will slow your mind down, will bring you back into the core relationship with your own deeper experience and your core relationship with everything around you. This is the environment for gratitude. Though Knowledge will show you that there are many things you must adjust or correct, it will also bring you into a state of recognition of the miracles of your life. So while there is work to be done, there is great joy to be experienced and immense gratitude to be experienced."[1]

"To see your willingness, gratitude and ability to go further on this sacred journey is deeply meaningful to me."[6]

An expedition

"It is important for you to understand also that the Allies of Humanity have a debt to pay, for they were served by an expedition at an earlier time that helped to free them from the grip of intervention, opening the way for them to establish their freedom and autonomy in the universe. They now have an opportunity to repay this debt by providing a similar service to humanity, as you yourselves face intervention and all of the dangers and misfortune it can bring." [7]

Gratitude and work

"Now the emphasis on joy and gratitude does not deny the problems that you face, the situations that you must correct, the false obligations you must undo, the false attractions you must distance yourself from, the compromises that you must rectify, the bad decisions that you must correct and so forth. That is the work of life."[1]


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  • Wisdom from the Greater Community, Book 1, Chapter 16: Giving 1
  • Wisdom from the Greater Community, Book 1, Chapter 16: Giving 2

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