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"You have come from a place of peace and harmony to a place of conflict and discord."[1]

"There is a greater harmony in the world. You bring this harmony into into the world by being close to Knowledge." [2]


Short quotes about harmony

"The first exercise of Knowledge is to bring harmony and balance into your life and relationships."[3]

"Experiencing your relationship with Knowledge will ultimately give harmony, balance and comprehension to your life in the known world."[3]

"When Knowledge is reclaimed within you, you will be able to recognize the power of harmony within yourself and to affirm this, to support this and to express this in an ever-increasing manner."[4]

"Knowledge brings simplicity to complexity, harmony to discord and unity to disassociation."[4]

"In the spiritual realm, you have a destiny. In the mental realm, you have a process of growth and development. In the physical realm, you have a process of survival, growth and development. If you can see all these things working together in harmony, you will then see the criteria you need for establishing a primary relationship."[5]

"You have come from your Ancient Home to a place of work. Your work in the world is in two arenas. One is the transformation of your experience of yourself and your relationships, and the other is the rendering of your specific contribution to the world. Without the first, the second will not come to pass, and your experience of relationships will not be brought into harmony with life itself."[1]

"You may think your ideas represent the truth about love, harmony and peace. Though having great ideas may be necessary at the outset to give you a positive emphasis, they can in no way compete with the genuine experience and must be seen only as an initial step which must in time be outgrown."[6]

"You are afraid of your Knowledge, for you feel that it will undermine your plans, your schemes, your preferred outcomes and your preferred relationships while, in actuality, it will only adjust everything to bring about harmony and happiness for you."[3]

"Your greater spiritual reality and identity were created in harmony with all others. It is only the arrogance of human presumption and the overriding presence of fear and competition that drive people away from their true nature and purpose here." [7]

"True harmony within yourself means that your mind is serving your Spirit and your body is serving your mind. Here the true value of the mind and the body are recognized." [8]


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