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"Because you live in your mind, which has been born in the world and conditioned by the world and identified with the world, the specter of change, the specter of loss, all the realities of life that can become so exemplified here, now completely dominate you. And sadness and loss and grief are inevitable here." [1]

Quotes About the expression and release of grief

"You must be free to express grief, disappointment, anger. You must have this emotional freedom, or you are like a person who is held in chains, chained to a wall. You may have every advantage on the outside, but you are still like a person who is incarcerated within yourself, stifled by your own discord, by your own suppressed feelings and emotions. Your feelings and emotions in the future are meant to be vehicles of expressing something greater in life, but if you are choked and if your feelings are suppressed, how could you ever express anything greater in life? Your whole mechanism of expression, your whole medium of expression—your ideas, your emotions, your feelings, your perception are all constrained." [2]

"Do a deep evaluation of your life, to bring out your grievances, your pain, your regrets, your grief, your anger and cleanse them. Bring them forth. Experience them. And cleanse them. Allow them to pass out of your mind. Seek help to do this if it is necessary. Clear the way so that you may begin the journey to a new and greater life in association with others, an association that will begin to end separation in your life and to give you relationships of a higher quality and a higher purpose, which is one of the great blessings of living in the world." [3]

A condition of life in the world

"Your awareness of the future and the past makes you vulnerable to tremendous fear and anxiety and to the burden of regret and sorrow, grief and self-recrimination." [4]


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