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"The Confirmation is what your heart is seeking in all of your pursuits and relationships, and happiness and fulfillment of whatever kind, the yearning of the soul for its true engagement in the world." [1]

"People want to have certainty before they act, but it is the action itself that creates the certainty. It is the courage to move and to change one’s thinking and one’s circumstances that creates the certainty. This is the confirmation."[2]

The confirmation of the New Message

"The Higher Authority has a Message for the world and for each person in the world. The Message is more than an idea. It is more than even a set of ideas. It is a calling and a confirmation, calling you to respond and confirming that there is a deeper nature within you and within all the people of the world. The confirmation is a turning point in your ability to respond."[3]

The real confirmation of Grace

"The real confirmation of Grace will come as you are able to realize that there has been a greater intervention and support in your life to enable you to meet a greater need and a greater desire. This will renew your awareness that you are in relationship with something very significant here. Then Grace will not merely be a momentary and dramatic experience, but instead will become the living foundation of your life."[4]


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Further Study

The Confirmation (April 2, 2011)