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"People think they should be told" [about the Intervention], "but most people could not handle it. They could not take it in. They would run and try to hide somewhere. They would think the end of the world was at hand." [1]


"If individuals and groups and nations continue as you are continuing now, the world will enter a period of prolonged decline, and war and competition and conflict will be rampant, and people everywhere will suffer greatly, and great calamities will come to the world. And people will not be prepared and people will not understand. And people will feel betrayed by God. People will feel that their prophecies are being fulfilled and that the end of the world is at hand. But this is not the end of the world. This is only the result of human ignorance and human error and the result of humanity’s emergence into a Greater Community of intelligent life where you will have to face competing forces from beyond your world." [2]

"As you begin to enter the times of great instability, you will see people acting very foolishly and proclaiming many things. Many will say it is all temporary. Everything will be fine as soon as certain things are brought back in order. You will hear people say, 'Do not worry. Nations will rebuild.' You will hear many things said, great proclamations, optimistic proclamations, or others saying that it will be total catastrophe and everything will collapse. But neither of these are true. The new world will be unstable and unpredictable, but humanity’s experience in the world is not over, and, in fact, the changing circumstances of your life give you the greatest possible opportunity to establish human unity in the world and cooperation, built now out of necessity, required to survive and to establish an orderly world in the face of great change." [3]


"You are standing at the cusp of a new world experience. It is not the end of the world, but a great transition to a different kind of world reality." [4]

"It is not the end of time. It is a great transition. It is not the end of the world. It is a great reckoning and a new time of Revelation. Many things will come to an end. Many ways of life will have to be altered. Human understanding will have to change. Human responsibility will have to grow. Human compassion will have to grow. Human forgiveness will have to grow. It will seem like the end of time, like the whole world is coming down on you, a time of cataclysmic change and upheaval. But it is really a time for humanity to grow up, to become wise and to prepare for its future." [5]

"So, there are conflicts and they will continue, but the world will not blow up. There are forces in the world to keep this from happening. It is possible these forces can fail, but it hasn’t happened yet. Do not think the fate of the world is up to people alone."[6]

"Some will think it is the end of time, but it is really the great transition, the great adaptation to a world that humanity has created through its misuse of the world, through its blindness and ignorance, using everything only for the moment." [7]


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