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"God is warning you. The world is warning you. It is telling you what is coming, not specifically, not by a date. It has nothing to do with dates." [1]

"The Allies provide a greater perspective. Yet some people will complain, 'Well, they do not give us answers. They do not tell us dates and facts and figures and locations.' That is not what is important. It is the understanding, the perspective, the higher consciousness that are critically important."[2]

"You must learn to become still and observant—looking without judging, looking without coming to conclusions, looking for signs. The signs are not everywhere, but they are abundant enough that if you are observant and give yourself to being observant as you pass through your day, then you will begin to see things, and they will stand out from everything else. They will stand out. They will impress you more than just the usual kinds of fascinating things or disturbing things you may hear about or read about. They will impress you at a deeper level. Pay attention." [3]

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