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"Do whatever you can to bring the Revelation to the people."[1]

"Who will bear witness to the Revelation?"[2]

"People will present needs to you. Direct them to the Revelation that speaks to these needs."[3]


"It is very important that you speak for the Revelation, not to try to explain it to others, but to point to it so that those who show an interest or even curiosity can go to see for themselves, to be a way shower for others. For you cannot explain a Revelation of this magnitude in a few words. Nor should you emphasize only one aspect of the Revelation, for it is a Teaching of a thousand teachings."[3]

"Do not try to explain all of this yourself, for how can you represent something like this?"[3]

"Broadcast broadly so that you may find those who are amongst the first to respond."[1]

"Strengthen your studenthood and your advocacy for Knowledge so that you may further escape ambivalence this day and receive the certainty that is your inheritance." [4]

"It is the Will of Heaven that this awareness and preparation be shared with others and that you become a vehicle for sharing it, very simply, by pointing to the New Revelation."[5]

"The outreach of this teaching must be continuous, and you will have to be very well organized to do this because you do not have a lot of time."[6]

"Become involved. Become an advocate. Share the revelation in this book with other people."[7]

"Look for those who can respond now. Look for those who are ready. Look for those who have an honest approach."[1]

"Resist the Intervention through awareness, through advocacy, through understanding. Promote human cooperation, unity and integrity."[8]

"Witnesses must exercise great discernment and discretion where and when to share the Revelation."[2]

"Bring it to those who are most ready and responsive. Do not try to bridge the gap to those who cannot respond or will not respond. Let the New Message flow where it must. It must first reach its true respondents, its first respondents, to call them out of their confusion, desperation and degradation."[9]

The Mandate

"Humanity is losing its freedom, slowly but surely, and in such a way that this loss will be very complete because of the cleverness of the agenda behind it. This can happen because of the predispositions of so many people today. This can happen because of the effects of the Pacification Program, which is so well established now in many parts of the world. Therefore, it will take courage and a strong advocacy to activate those people who already feel the discomfort, who already feel the problem but cannot identify it or its source. And it will take a strong advocacy to reach those people who have begun to acquiesce but whose sense of integrity is intact enough that they know that there is a problem within them and around them and who are struggling to maintain their clarity of mind as the fog descends." [8]

Practice in The Way of Knowledge

A Natural Process

"You who are claiming your studenthood in Knowledge will claim your advocacy for Knowledge. In this, you will increasingly become a force for good in the world—a force that dispels ambivalence, confusion, and conflict, a force for peace, a force for certainty and a force for true cooperation and relationship." [4]

"You cannot simply receive a gift of this magnitude and not reveal it to others, for it is in the giving that your receiving is confirmed, and the meaning and the value of it for your life is realized. To keep it for yourself, it will merely become ideas and perspective, and its spiritual potency will not be realized." [9]

A Developmental Process

"Not everyone is ready to receive the New Revelation. God knows this and there is no condemnation here. [10]

"When you share The Way of Knowledge with others, even if you do nothing more than say, 'Read this,' or 'Consider this idea,' you are challenging them to awaken, which is a difficult process in and of itself. You are challenging them to throw off the weight of seemingly endless dreaming and speculation and to awaken into a situation where there is great disorder in the world and great suffering as well. You are asking them to do this when you present The Way of Knowledge. You are giving them the greatest challenge, and you are giving them the ultimate gift."[11]

"For those who cannot or will not bear witness to the Revelation, either they do not yet have the great strength that they need and are not strong enough with Knowledge, or they are too afraid to cross over that threshold where they become a real communicator in the world rather than someone who has withdrawn from the world and is afraid of the world and is trying to protect what they have from the world. Not everyone is ready to do this at this moment, but that is where the pathway leads for everyone. You have to stand for something."[2]

"The Message becomes strong in the world because it is being shared. And there are enough people in the world today who are ready and waiting to receive it—people who have not been able to give themselves to the teachings and religions of the past, people who realize that their life has a greater purpose though they cannot yet define what this is or what it means." [9]

Focus and Clarity

"In presenting a New Message from God, it is necessary then to renew this experience, to freshen it, to separate it from all the things that have been added by human institutions and human inventions, to bring it into greater focus and clarity for you." [12]

Assisting the Messenger

"The people of the New Message must assist the Messenger while he is still in the world. His task is overwhelming. It is far beyond what one person could ever do. They must bear witness to this. They must represent this. They must have the courage to be part of the Revelation and not simply its observers or its audience."[13]

The Initiation

For the people waiting for the New Revelation, "it is not merely a teaching or a phenomenon. For them, it is not merely something to speculate about or to contend with or to deny and reject. To them, the Proclamation is not outrageous or unusual. It is the perfect thing. It is their Initiation. It holds their calling, speaking down the Ancient Corridors of their mind, speaking to a part of them they barely know, but which is the center of their Being and their presence in the world. For them, this is the greatest moment though they may not understand its full meaning or what it will require in the future. For them, this is what they have been waiting for. They were sent into the world to be at a time of great transition. They were sent into the world to be a part of building a new future. Their connection is more to the future than to the past. They are the children of the future." [14]

Supporting a Mission

"If you are trying to raise money for an important activity in life to support a mission or an advocacy, then you may need far more than you would personally require." [15]

Passages on Advocacy Selected by the Messenger

“You need only point to the Revelation, for you yourself cannot explain life in the universe. You yourself cannot explain the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world. You yourself cannot explain what human spirituality means at the level of Knowledge. You yourself cannot explain wisdom and Knowledge from the universe. You yourself cannot explain humanity’s greater destiny and what must be done to achieve it.

"For this you must turn to the Revelation, for the Revelation is greater than what any one person can understand. Point to the Revelation, for that alone holds the preparation for humanity’s future and destiny in an emerging world.” [16]


"It takes very strong medicine to wake someone who will not awaken with a gentle prodding. They did not hear the alarm go off an hour ago. They are too involved in their dreams. What does it take to wake someone up when the house is on fire? You use a bucket of cold water if nothing else will work because you must arouse them. They are dreaming on, and the house is on fire. And they treat your awakening them as a great intrusion until they realize the seriousness of the situation. Then they look at you and they say, 'I owe you my life!'" [11]

Further study


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