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"You will need a special focus, a map and a pathway in order to undertake the great preparation in The Way of Knowledge. In addition, you will need the correct curriculum, instruction, attitude, companions and way of evaluating your progress." [1]

"Your function in life now is to be a student of Knowledge." [2]

"Accept your studenthood so that you may learn to give to the world." [3]

"Be totally engaged with your studenthood." [4]

"Come to your studenthood then with a determination to proceed, to take the journey of many steps, to have the courage to face yourself—your mind, your emotions, your self-criticisms, your self-doubt, even the criticism and doubt of others, all the things that keep you in bondage at this moment." [5]

A force for good in the world

"You who are claiming your studenthood in Knowledge will claim your advocacy for Knowledge. In this, you will increasingly become a force for good in the world—a force that dispels ambivalence, confusion, and conflict, a force for peace, a force for certainty and a force for true cooperation and relationship." [6]


"I don't really encourage scholarship."[7]


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