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"You will need a special focus, a map and a pathway in order to undertake the great preparation in The Way of Knowledge. In addition, you will need the correct curriculum, instruction, attitude, companions and way of evaluating your progress." [1]

"Your function in life now is to be a student of Knowledge." [2]

"Accept your studenthood so that you may learn to give to the world." [3]

"Be totally engaged with your studenthood." [4]

"Come to your studenthood then with a determination to proceed, to take the journey of many steps, to have the courage to face yourself—your mind, your emotions, your self-criticisms, your self-doubt, even the criticism and doubt of others, all the things that keep you in bondage at this moment." [5]

“But if you alter the curriculum, you will not learn. If you do not stay with it, you will not learn.” [6]

A force for good in the world

"You who are claiming your studenthood in Knowledge will claim your advocacy for Knowledge. In this, you will increasingly become a force for good in the world—a force that dispels ambivalence, confusion, and conflict, a force for peace, a force for certainty and a force for true cooperation and relationship." [7]

What to not do in studenthood

“You cannot teach yourself what you do not know, and the attempt to do so merely recirculates old information and binds you closer to where you are now.” [8]

When study causes disassociation from life

“You have not come to the world only for learning. Learning is only a small part of why you are here. It is fun to be a student, but students have not yet joined with life. They are only studying things. They have not entered into the mainstream of human life. Your purpose here is to discover your Knowledge and contribute it. That is, in words, a most succinct definition. People are attempting the most dangerous and destructive involvements in the name of learning. They say, “It is a great learning experience, though tremendously painful,” and so forth. That is not cause for involvement. You can only unlearn the false by accepting the true. The true is what you contain within you in your Knowledge. Knowledge is expressing itself through you in subtle ways.” [9]


"I don't really encourage scholarship."[10]


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