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Who can walk with the Messenger

"To walk with the Messenger is to understand the Revelation as it is pertaining to your own life and to the lives of those whom you will influence."[1]

"To walk with the Messenger consciously, then, begins to allow you to resonate with this greater purpose, which will give you a sense of encouragement, courage and strength that nothing else can provide."[1]

"To receive the Revelation is to walk with the Messenger. To walk with the Messenger is to receive the Revelation."[1]

Walking with the Messenger in his time on Earth

"To walk with the Messenger is to live as the Messenger lives, to receive and adopt the Revelation and all that it provides in every aspect of your life. It is to recognize you are part of something very great. Even at this moment, at a time of its very humble beginning, even without recognition from the world, even without prestige—without great monuments, without great ceremonies, without the deference of people everywhere—you are part of something at the beginning, at the outset."[1]

"Those who walk with the Messenger in his time on Earth will be considered so fortunate to have this opportunity by all those in the future who will not be present at this time, or who cannot respond at this time."[1]

"If you could recognize the great challenges ahead and the adversity you will have to face, you would see the importance of your life, and the importance of the Revelation, and the meaning of the Messenger walking the world, and your opportunity to walk with him."[1]

"It has been the Messenger’s life and the life of others who joined him early to assist him in receiving this great promise for humanity. The Messenger cannot do this alone. Others must walk with him and speak for him and share the Revelation with him."[1]

Blessing for all who walk with the Messenger

"Let Us give blessing, then, to all who can walk with the Messenger and share in this reality, and amplify it for their own restoration, and for the gift that they are meant to give to others in the world who seek to reclaim their dignity, their strength, their courage and their true direction in life."[1]

"May the blessings of Heaven be upon you and all those who can walk with the Messenger—in understanding, in spirit, in feeling, to give strength to the Revelation and promise to your life, for they are one and the same."[1]


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