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"God must now warn the human family of the great peril it has created, of the great calamity that it has set in motion. For within this time, humanity can prepare and can mitigate the consequences of its actions. If it fails to do this, then human civilization will be imperiled—everywhere, in every nation. Economies will be ruined. Millions of people will be out of work. Millions of people will have to leave their homelands, which have become barren and uninhabitable. That is why God’s New Revelation for the world must sound this alarm, must give this warning."[1]

"If you do not see the warning, you will not value the blessing, and you will not see the need for the preparation." [2]


"It is the Great Love of God that is bringing you this warning. Do not think it is exaggerated in any way, for We are not even telling you everything. And We are not telling you everything because you do not yet have the capacity, the courage or the determination to hear it and face it." [1]

"You will have to become very observant, very objective and willing to face whatever is coming over the horizon. Otherwise, you will panic, and your life will be overtaken with tragic consequences. You may blame God for this, but God has been warning you all along through your experience, through your dreams, through your sensations and through your deeper emotions. God has been warning you all along, and the world has been giving you its signs all along." [2]

Great Consequence

"Now you are emerging into a new arena with new requirements, new possibilities and new dangers. Clearly, it is a danger when human beings will not respond to what is occurring in their lives and will not seriously consider the implications. That is a risk." [3]

"Take heed then of this great warning. This warning is born of the Love of God, but it is a warning nonetheless. It is warning you against the ever-increasing possibility for error. It is advising you to turn to the Knowledge of God that lives within you—beyond and beneath your thinking mind; beyond the ideas and concepts and beliefs that are historically established within humanity."[4]

"The New Message from God then has been sent, not to promote one religion over another, not to compete with existing traditions, but to give humanity a warning, a blessing and a preparation for the future. The warning is that humanity is facing great peril from within and from without, and without greater cooperation, without this being driven by necessity, then the human family could fail in this world. Human civilization and societies could break down into chaos and protracted conflict. In the end, there would be no winners in this scenario. There would be no triumphant race. Everywhere people would be reduced to poverty and desperation." [5]

The Great Waves of Change

"The Great Waves of change are not merely one event but a convergence of many powerful forces. It is their convergence that will create instability and unpredictable change. This will create so many interacting forces that it will be very difficult for people to understand what is happening and why all of this is occurring.

It is dangerous because it will produce immense upheaval and instability, and people are not prepared for this. Their governments have not prepared them. Their religious institutions have not prepared them. The media has not prepared them. And so they have very little emotional or psychological preparation and very little practical preparation for the great difficulties to come.

It is a dangerous time also because humanity will be facing limitations in its resources, and there will be great competition and the risk of conflict over the remaining resources. Nations and groups will be competing with each other very intensely, and this can spill off into conflict and war on a very large scale and in many parts of the world simultaneously."[6]

The Intervention

"Humanity is now facing an Intervention in the world that is extremely dangerous. This is not a visitation. It is an intervention whose purpose is to gain control of the world and the world’s peoples." [7]

"You are also facing the presence of forces from the Universe, physical beings who are here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity. These small groups of forces are not military in nature. They represent resource explorers and economic Collectives. They will seek to further human conflict and gain influence in the halls of power in governments, religion and commerce. They represent a great danger to humanity." [6]


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