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"Human civilization has gotten out of hand. It is wild, uncontrolled. It is like a train that is heading to the station, but it has no brakes." [1]

"If you continue to conduct yourself as you have in the past, as is your habit, then your future is predictable and extremely grave." [2]


"Receive the New Message in its calling for the preservation and the strengthening of human freedom, cooperation and responsibility, for without this New Message, humanity is facing a grave and precipitous decline." [3]

"Once you take a wrong road in life, it is very hard to get back. And if you go too far, you will not get back. Do not dabble, then, with your life and your existence. Do not toy with relationships and with other endeavors, but seek to find that which is essential within you, for what is essential will give you what you want and will lead you in the right direction." [4]

Essential questions facing the world

"For nations to survive environmental decline in this world and increasing political and economic upheaval and difficulty, you will have to cooperate with each other. Instead of fighting, you will have to find ways to provide enough food, water and energy for the people of the world. That will be the prevailing and dominating need of the future here on Earth." [5]

"Once you lose your self-sufficiency, everything is lost that you value, for you will not be able to establish the terms of engagement to gain access to those things upon which you have now become dependent. Other nations will determine your behavior and your participation." [6]

"Humanity has great promise and a greater destiny in the universe. But in order for you to fulfill this promise and this destiny, you must meet three requirements. You must be self sufficient. You must be united. And you must be extremely discreet. These are the three requirements for all free nations in the universe.

Yet at present, humanity is failing each one of these basic requirements. You are rapidly destroying your self-sufficiency by the mismanagement and overuse of your world’s resources. You are hardly united and still value your conflicts and your distinctions from one another to such a great degree that human unity on a large scale has not yet been established, even in facing critical problems in the world. And you are hardly discreet, broadcasting all of your strengths and weaknesses out into the universe for any discreet observer to see. No advanced technological society broadcasts in this way. That is why you will not find radio signals coming from space because no one who values their security ever broadcasts in such a manner."


Of necessity for the individual

"Look at people living at the dawn of times of great change, at the outset of times of great change, and see the consequences for those who were aware and made preparations and the consequences for those who did not.... If you do not respond to this and cannot fulfill what Knowledge has given you to do, then these times will be terrifying and unsettling, and you will not be in a position to escape the difficulties, to benefit from the opportunities or to be of service to others.

This is why you must become serious about your life. You must look to your life. Stop playing games. Stop fantasizing and become engaged in life. Pay attention to what the world is telling you, but do not come to immediate conclusions. Do not look for simple answers. Do not demand solutions. For the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world and humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community are problems you will have to live with."


"When you are out in the world, you should be focused on your environment. Do not be listening to music on your headset. Do not be talking endlessly on your telephone. Do not be dreaming and imagining your mind far away from where you are. You must be watching and listening. When you step out the door of your home, you must be paying attention to your environment, to discern what is occurring there, to discern any hazards or any changes in approach that are necessary for you. If people would do this, they would make far fewer mistakes and avoid terrible catastrophes. It only takes one moment of not paying attention to end your life or to alter it completely." [9]

Important distinctions


"Just because one acquires a functional state of independence, it does not mean that one will necessarily go on. You can get stalled by the side of the road anywhere in the journey of life. And the reasons to become stalled can always seem to be very compelling and self-satisfying."Book 2, Chapter 16: Thresholds</ref>

"Just because you have intuitive impulses or gain insights does not mean you are experiencing Wisdom. That is a very important distinction. Wisdom is being in a certain state of mind. Here insights will come to you if it is necessary. If it is not necessary, there will be no insights." [10]

"Just because you are open does not mean that you are divinely guided. Just because you seek greater Wisdom in your life does not mean that you are not vulnerable to other forces in the Mental Environment. This will become increasingly true as the world’s emergence into the Greater Community advances and progresses. That is why we spend a long time building the foundation for Knowledge, to protect you from error and to assure your future success. It is only when people are ambitious and impatient, when they seek to have the great rewards now instead of later, that they get into serious trouble.

Many have claimed spiritual power and dominance. Many have assumed a mantle of spiritual responsibility. Others have claimed to be the true vehicles for Divine Will and intention in life. Yet look at the results of their interactions. After all, everyone wants to feel that they are in the right. Even if people are doing something they know to be wrong, they want to feel justified. There are those who are certain that they are in the right and are unwilling to face the prospect that they might be in the wrong. They claim Divine sponsorship for their lives, their thoughts, their actions, and all they may attempt to do with others. Here you will find abuse. Here you will find grave error. Be careful. Become present. If you are still and observant, you will be able to see what others miss."[11]

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