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"You see, in the Greater Community, technology is easily acquired, and so the great advantage between competing societies is the ability to influence thought. This has taken on very sophisticated demonstrations. It represents a set of skills that humanity is only beginning to discover." [1]


"People who claim to be psychic, to be clairvoyant, to have unique and special powers—these people are especially vulnerable to manipulation from beyond." ... "Be very careful with these people. Remain silent around them. But see clearly."[2]

"The only basis for wise perception is the cultivation of Knowledge. If you believe only what you see, then you will believe only what is shown to you. There are many we are told, that have this perspective. Yet we have learned that the wise everywhere must gain a greater vision and a greater discernment. It is true that your visitors can project images of your saints and of your religious figures. Though this is not practiced often, it certainly can be used in order to evoke commitment and dedication amongst those who are already given to such beliefs. Here your spirituality becomes an area of vulnerability where wisdom must be used."[3]


"Next the inducement will be focused upon two distinct groups of individuals. Actually, these are not groups of individuals, but really classifications, of individuals. The first are those who are considered psychic and sensitive. The inducement here is to validate their sensitivity and to induce them into the collective mind of the Intervention itself. Here these individuals will be encouraged to support the Intervention, and their own beliefs regarding the frailties and the sinfulness of humanity will be encouraged. And their hope that some greater power from beyond the world will come to rescue humanity from its own demise will be greatly encouraged." [4]

"For those sensitive individuals who cannot become receptive to and cooperative with the Intervention, their skills and abilities will become thwarted and offset. If such individuals begin to gain an insight into the real nature of the Intervention, they can become the target of real mental disruption." [4]

"There are those who are born into this world who, from an early age, recognize that they have intuitive gifts. These people must be especially careful, for their gifts open them to a broader range of experience, which they are unlikely to be able to discern properly. For them, the physical body is even more sensitive an instrument. Think of it like this: The more specialized the instrument, the greater the care it requires. Precision instruments require greater maintenance. It is the same for those whose gifts have been evident from an early age.

Many of these people are not from this world. They have immigrated here at this particular time in human history. They have never felt at home here and have always felt displaced. Their awareness of this speaks of an increased sensitivity. For them, personal relationships have wreaked havoc. They are attempting to unite, but they are not with their own kind. Yet these early sensitivities speak of a greater possibility later. If these individuals can establish a functioning self in this world, they will be in a tremendous position to be of service to the Teachers of God."


The manipulation of the receptive

"People who claim to be psychic, to be clairvoyant, to have unique and special powers—these people are especially vulnerable to manipulation from beyond. Because they give themselves such high rank in the spiritual hierarchy, because they consider themselves to be so unique among human beings, and because they seek recognition and approval for their ideas, these people will be very, very good candidates for manipulation and can well fall in with the Intervention, in all of its manifestations. Willing now to serve a greater power and believing that they are endowed to do so, they assign themselves the role of emissaries." [2]

"Several groups of visitors wish to establish themselves as spiritual agents because they know how to speak in the Mental Environment. They can communicate to people directly, and unfortunately, because there are few people in the world who can discern the difference between a spiritual voice and the visitors’ voice, the situation becomes very difficult." [1]

"Here there is an attempt to contact those individuals who are considered sensitive, receptive and naturally given to be cooperative. Many people will be selected, but a few will be chosen based upon these particular qualities. Your visitors will seek to gain allegiance with these individuals, to gain their trust and to gain their devotion, telling the recipients that the visitors are here to uplift humanity spiritually, to give new hope, new blessings and new power-indeed promising the things that people want so dearly but have not yet found themselves." [1]


"The effort here is to pacify and to reeducate people through spiritual persuasion. The “Pacification Program” is used differently with different religious groups depending on their ideals and their temperament. It is always aimed at receptive individuals. Here it is hoped that people will lose their sense of discernment and will become wholly trusting of the greater power that they feel is being given to them by the visitors. Once this allegiance is established, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to discern what they know within themselves from what is being told to them. It is a very subtle but very pervasive form of manipulation." [1]


"Already, there are individuals in your world, we understand, who have been cast aside and who are tormented, who have seen and felt and recognized things that they cannot incorporate into their understanding. Finding no compassion amongst their human fellows, they deteriorate into depression and into self-disassociation. Here the visitors either bond you to them or try to switch you off. Only one who is strong with Knowledge will be able to resist the inducement and find insulation and freedom from torment. That is why learning the Way of Knowledge must be encouraged." [4]

"Yet as you become strong with Knowledge, you will be beyond their control because now they cannot capture your mind or your heart. And with time, you will have the power of perception to see into their minds, which they do not wish. You will then become a danger to them, a challenge to them, and they will avoid you if they can." [3]


"Unknown to all but a few individuals in the world today, there are important secret depositories in your world, for your world has been used by even gracious societies to hide things of value deep within it. For millennia your world has been a safe haven for the storage of sacred and powerful items. There are some in the hierarchy of the collectives who know of this. And that is why they give your world special importance. That is why they seek to use individuals in your world who have psychic abilities in order to gain access to those individuals who have an intrinsic knowledge of these important hidden treasures." [6]

"In addition, amongst the sensitives and the psychics, there will be a search for those individuals living in the world today who have an inborn and intuitive awareness of the depositories. The search for these individuals is underway."[4]


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