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"The wise cannot express the depth of their experience effectively to many people."[1]

A critical mass of awareness

"There are many people in the world today who have an inherent knowledge of the Greater Community and who are sensitive to it."[2]

"Many people must become aware that the Earth is being visited and that foreign powers are here operating in a clandestine manner, seeking to hide their agenda and endeavors from human understanding. It must be very clear that their presence here is a great challenge to human freedom and self-determination. The agenda that they are furthering and the Pacification Program that they are sponsoring must be countered with sobriety and wisdom regarding their presence. This counteraction must occur. There are many people in the world today who are able to understand this.[2]

"It is necessary for many people in different cultures and in different nations to learn about life in the Greater Community and to begin to comprehend what you will be dealing with and are dealing with even at this moment."[2]

Many people are called

"Life is calling upon this development not just for one or two individuals in the human family, but for many because many are needed now to cultivate and nourish a Greater Community perspective and understanding. Many are needed to lead humanity forward, and many are needed to contribute their Knowledge so that humanity can join together, unite itself and reach a greater level of cooperation and integration. Evolution calls for this. Many people are being called into service now. Many people have come to the world to give and to assist in this great emergence—at all levels of society and human interaction."[3]

"Many people at this time are thinking and asking, 'What is my calling in life? What is my spiritual purpose?' Often they think of some wonderful thing, like being a healer, or being a priest or a priestess and having marvelous experiences of joyfulness and spiritual ecstasy. Perhaps they see themselves healing the sick, being magnificent, living in beautiful places, living a beautiful life or all of these. Well, it is very important that you recognize that this is a fairy tale and with few exceptions, all of this must be relinquished."[4]

Many people are wanting

"There are many people in the world today who do not have enough and will not have enough. And so the excess wealth that is created anywhere must now be given to them to sustain them, to reinforce the stability and the survivability of human civilization."[5]

"Many people are trying to have equal recognition, equal skills and equal opportunities, when in fact, they are in very different stages of development."[6]

"Many people are poorly equipped to be a part of a world that is emerging into the Greater Community."[4]

Many people will deny it

"The fact that your world is being scrutinized is now becoming undeniable, although many people still deny it."[7]

"Many people have never gone beyond their beliefs. They have never found Knowledge in a real and substantial way, and so they do not see that there is life beyond their beliefs."[8]

"Many people do not want to hear this information. They want to stay in the realm of psychotherapy, which is all about thinking better, acting better and feeling better. Others want to engage in the quest for God. To them, all of these kinds of things are distractions from a greater journey they feel they must take. Still others are fascinated by the things that I am speaking of but are not interested in the spiritual or the psychotherapeutic aspects. They want to understand why these things are going on, what it means and how they can become involved or how they can keep from becoming involved. Different kinds of intentions are found here and different kinds of conclusions as a result. Yet, life goes on and the fact of the matter is that human beings are being scrutinized and studied."[7]

"You must rise or fall in the face of a great change. Many people will fall. They will not be able to cope with it; they will not be able to accept it; they will not be able to integrate themselves with it. They will not be a part of the change. They will be part of the obstruction to change, for change must happen."[4]

Behavior of the many

"Many people collect ideas."[9]

"Many people cannot express themselves, while others talk incessantly, saying everything to whomever will listen and to whomever they feel comfortable with. This represents two early stages of development, but neither represents a stage of maturity."[1]

"Not very many people are prepared to practice something diligently, consistently and on an ongoing basis. It is not that people are incapable of doing this; it has simply not been a large emphasis in their education."[10]

"Many people seek to be out of doors because it is a freer mental environment than when they are confined with other people."[11]

"It is true to say that in recent generations people have been losing their ability to work. They are losing the value of work because there is so much pleasure and so much leisure time for so many people now."[12]

Psychology of the many

"Many people are interested in the Greater Community but only as a form of escape from their own practical and emotional dilemmas."[13]

"For many people, the mind is either approached as something that is followed unquestioningly or is considered to be an adversary."[14]

"Many people want to govern their outer lives more effectively, but their inner lives are chaotic. That is like saying, 'We’ll leave the government alone, but we will make the city look more beautiful. We’ll plant trees.' People try to make their outer life look more benign or more pleasurable or more harmonious, but unless they regovern themselves and assume responsibility for the government of their minds, nothing will change. They will have nicer scenery perhaps, but the real state of things will be the same."[14]

"Many people do not want to have their limits pointed out to them. They feel this is an affront to their sense of pride and accomplishment."[6]

"The second stage of development is like immature adulthood. Many people are trying to get into the second stage because you must go through it. Many people even teach it. They are very critical of anything that denies a person’s right to self-expression or a person’s right to have, to do and to be whatever they want. People teach this because they are trying to learn it, but they have not yet realized that there is a vast stage beyond this."[1]

"Many people never achieve independence."[3]

"When you solve problems and you get most of them out of the way, what do you have left? You have emptiness. This is the invitation to go into the mystery of your life, but many people do not realize this. With no problems to solve, they become frustrated, anxiety sets in and then emptiness."[15]

Views of the many

"Many people think discernment is about becoming more critical, having higher standards, being more judgmental, being more careful, asking more questions or being more guarded about oneself and one’s possessions."[16]

"Many people think discretion is simply keeping your mouth shut." [1]

"Many people think of themselves as being very honest and forthright, but they are only so within a given range of experiences."[17]

"Many people are free with their ideas, but this really says nothing about them. Many people will express their opinions with great conviction to anyone who will listen, yet if it is something of a personal nature, they will give a very different story."[17]

"Many people think that this preparation is basically a form of healing therapy, a form of medicine for their disturbed past. Others think that it is a pathway to God. The truth is that Steps to Knowledge serves in both of these capacities. Yet, it serves in another capacity as well. It begins to prepare people to understand the mental environment."[7]

"Many people feel that they are the victims of life, that life is controlling them, that they have no power to change it, that it is too big for them. This is so common. You can see it everywhere. You can hear it in so many conversations. It is demonstrated in people’s activities. It is demonstrated in their forms of escape, which are often destructive. It is demonstrated in the ineffectiveness that people feel in meeting real problems in the world. It is omnipresent."</ref name="wvII12">

"Many people fear that the environment has ultimate power over them, and others believe, but rarely experience, that they have ultimate power over the environment. Neither, of course, is true because you are in dynamic relationship with the environment."[11]

In contrast with the few

"Though perhaps many people think that there is other life and intelligence in the universe besides themselves, very few people in the world are aware of what is occurring."[7]

"Many people want power and all that they associate with power, but few want the responsibility that must go with it."[1]

"The predicament that you are in regarding the Greater Community will call for Wisdom and will require it. That is why the preparation has been sent. Many people, of course, will not be able to undertake the preparation, and many of those who do will fail or get lost along the way."[7]

"Many people need this preparation, though perhaps few will undertake it at this time."[18]

Many religious people

"Many people who begin to study The Greater Community Way of Knowledge seek escape from television, radio and even music—not because these things are inherently bad but because they are so influential. They withdraw from individuals who influence them in ways that are counterproductive to their well-being and to their ability to refocus their mind."[19]

"The Greater Community Way of Knowledge that I am presenting will be misused by many people."[20]

"Many people who talk about religion and think they are religious, but they have only accepted religious assumptions and have not entered into the real experience. For them, it is selfcomfort they are seeking, and they will build their sense of themselves upon these assumptions and will be terrified when these assumptions are challenged by anyone or anything."[20]

"People who are relating only to the manifestation will compete with one another and threaten one another because at this level of existence there is only identification with ideas. Here they will not want to challenge their own ideas because then the whole foundation of their identity will be threatened. That is a very mindless state and many people live there. If you think of religion only in terms of its manifestations—which are the behaviors exhibited by those who profess to believe in it, its tenets and its impact on people’s lives— then you are only dealing with religion as a political force.:[20]

"Many people become very proud of all that they have read in books and all of their little experiences. 'Oh, yes, I know about this!' and 'Oh, yes, I know about that!' and 'Oh, I have read about this teacher' and 'I know about this school.' They are beginners. But they cannot even be beginners because they won’t accept it."[6]

"Many people say, 'I would love to undertake the study of Knowledge, but I really want to be married. I want to have a partner. And I want to be financially secure.' They are not accepting their studenthood."[6]

"Many people think that everything they do is for their spiritual growth. This is not true. Spiritual growth is only one of the Four Pillars of life in the world. Most people will not want to admit that they do everything just to make money. Most people would not think that they do everything just to enhance their health. A few people think that they do everything for their primary relationships to the exclusion of everything else. So, why think that everything is for your spiritual growth?"[12]

Many Greater Community people

"Many people have come into the world at this time who have a very strong connection with the Greater Community."[21]

The collective effect in the mental environment

"If you are troubled, concerned or very fearful about something, or if you are very angry or resentful, you will create a dissonance in your environment. Once this dissonance leaves your own mind, it becomes a force in the environment. Now, if only one person is generating this, it will be a very weak force and easily dissipated. However, if many people are generating these kinds of experiences, they will create a force that is more lasting and much more potent and effective. This force, then, can influence other minds in such a way that it seems to overtake them."[11]

"Here you can make a contribution to improve the mental environment. If this is done, people will function better, be more harmonious and less prone to conflict and be able to recognize opportunities as they arise with far greater ease. Everyone will be stimulated. Everyone will be encouraged to carry on what they were sent here to do. In this light, contribution is felt in many places by many people."[22]


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