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"There is no more constant therapy on oneself. In the end, the only real therapy is to become real with what you know, to stand for what you know, to learn the wisdom necessary to carry what you know and to communicate what you know compassionately and powerfully. This is what any form of real therapy must lead to. Are you going to go back and repair your childhood? Are you going to find the unrequited love that your parents did not give you? People who become too concentrated on these things become disabled. They become wheelchair bound in their own minds. They could all become advocates for the truth, but instead, all they become is advocates for therapy, and not a great deal of therapy done today leads to the truth. There is no running away. There is no fulfilling yourself personally at the expense of establishing your own integrity, knowing the truth and standing for the truth."[1]



  1. The Allies of Humanity Book Two, Second Commentary: Effects of the Pacification Program

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