Humanity from the extraterrestrial perspective

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"From a Greater Community perspective, human beings are all the same. They are all alike. The differences between you are insignificant. No matter where you are born, what language you speak, where you go to church or what kind of food you eat, from a Greater Community perspective you are a member of the human race. You are a human being. You are a citizen of this world."[1]

"Humanity is not the centerpiece of the Creation, only one of its developing aspects. This represents a tremendous breakthrough in understanding. This represents a great threshold in self-realization and the ability to effectively engage with the world."[2]

"Within the great scope of the Greater Community, there are very, very few races who are aware of humanity’s existence. By very few, let Us say 20 or 30. Very few."[3]

"You live in a society that is very tolerant, regardless of your complaints. Compared to the Greater Community, it is extremely lenient. This has its assets and its liabilities. Its assets are that your society fosters a freedom of expression and exploration that has produced great things. Its liability, however, is that its population is weak, self-indulgent and incapable of responding to change very effectively."[4]


"Despite humanity’s long existence in this world, you are a young race—immature, unwary and unsuspecting. You have many great qualities. You have kept spirituality and creativity alive in the world, where they have died in so many other worlds—advanced technological worlds that are sterile and secular, where individual freedom is unknown.

You have great promise, but you have great problems. And you have some disabilities as well—the tendency towards human denial. And your tribalism, which has served you in the past, can blind you now."[5]

"If for a moment you were outside the world observing it from a distance, you would indeed see how vulnerable human beings are and how little they know about the mental environment. Though human beings think they are wonderfully complex and very unpredictable, the truth is that they are very predictable and are not really that complex at all. Once you understood their behavior through observation and learned enough about them genetically, then you would have a good idea of what they would do given certain kinds of influences or circumstances.

This investigation is currently going on. Certain people are chosen given their predispositions and their vulnerabilities. They are used like laboratory animals, so to speak. The will of the investigators is not malicious; it just does not have human ethics. You are regarded as interesting, potentially dangerous and possibly useful subjects for study. In much the same way human beings study the behavior of animals, without a great deal of regard for the animal’s well-being, human beings are being studied in the same way. There are human traits that are valued and human traits that cannot yet be understood by those who are undertaking these experiments. Those forces that are determined to assist humanity are not carrying out these experiments." [2]

"Many of those that you will encounter will not be interested in you at all. They only want to preserve your environment for their own use. Others seek to have a meaningful relationship with you, while some are looking at the possibility of trade and diplomatic relations. However, some wish to exploit you. They consider you brutish and self-destructive, and they seek to gain whatever they can from you before you destroy yourselves." [6]

These races might say, “The rich indulge themselves endlessly—in their hobbies, their passions and their plays while the rest of the world sinks into despair, poverty and degradation. Surely, this cannot be a world that will survive as a free race in the universe. Surely, this is a race that will not have the collective wisdom to restrain its activities and to prepare for its future. Surely, this will be an easy prize for those who use cunning and guile to achieve their goals.” [7]

"Do not ever think that this world is owned by anyone else, that any other race in the universe has rights to this world or has any special privilege for visiting this world or can make any claims of ownership to this world or any claims of authorship for human evolution. This is your planet of origin. It has been given to you by the Creator of the universe with the hope and the desire that you would prosper here and maintain this world as the precious resource that it is. It has been given so that it may sustain you through your difficult phases of development and so that it may sustain you as you emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life, where such worlds of biological diversity are rare." [8]


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