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"Certain people are obsessed with conspiracy theories, but their focus is misguided. The malevolent behavior of human governments or human commercial institutions is nothing compared to what the Intervention can do here." [1]

"To those of you who are given to conspiracy theories, despite whatever truth they may contain about evident human corruption and manipulation, they ultimately can only serve the Intervention in isolating and dividing us and driving us towards losing faith in our leaders, our institutions and ourselves. This is a classic divide and conquer strategy that has been used for centuries in our own world and according to the Allies Briefings, is widely employed in the Greater Community, especially towards emerging races such as our own." [2]

The Intervention is "already in the world, planting the seeds of dissension, preying upon human weakness and human superstition, encouraging people to believe in the Intervention, and to lose all hope and confidence in human leadership. To weave a web of conspiracy, that will make people fear and doubt one another so much, that they will never be able to trust each other enough to collaborate." [3]

"In the future, food will become more difficult to grow, more difficult to distribute, become a subject of contention, competition and conflict. Nations will hoard their productivity or only sell their surplus to other favored nations. There will be less food available for the world. Changing climate will have an ever greater destructive force on humanity’s ability to produce adequate food. And water resources will become ever more scarce, most of the drier regions of the world, and in providing the source of rivers. You can see this today if you will look. It is not a fantasy. It is not a conspiracy. It is not the machination of governments or leaders."[4]

"Up until maybe twenty years ago, there was legitimate UFO research. But most of that research has been overtaken by conspiracy theories, which again turns us against each other, turns us against our leaders, turns us against our institutions. And certainly generating war and conflict or promoting it in some way or influencing it in some way, sets us against each other. It weakens the strongest nations in the world."[5]

"I do think that numerous conspiracy theories are actually created, manufactured, by the true conspirator. And the true conspirator in our world today is the Intervention—that's the big conspiracy that no one talks about. We're all fixated on each other, and there's a reason for that. It's because the Intervention wants us to focus our anger and resentment and distrust towards human leadership, and not towards it. It wants to focus all of our negative response to the human leaders and all of our positive, spiritual response to the visitors."[6]

“I think you have to be very careful with conspiracy not to generalize it, not to call all news fake, not to call all governments fake, not to think that everything is run by some small cadre of elite powers. That is not the truth. The world is far too big and disorganized for that.”[7]


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