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Corrupt Institutions

"It is a time that will reveal the consequences of humanity’s overuse of the world, and many powerful forces of corruption that are existing in governments and many other institutions."[1]


"How can you blame the leaders when the population wants to be blind and foolish? And those who are not struggling to survive and hold onto what they have, they are lost in their hobbies, their interests, their romances, the self-obsession over their health, or furnishing their dwelling place, or whatever it might be. They do not see the next great wave of change that is coming, the next economic tsunami. No, they are living on the beach, listening to the radio, enjoying the warmth of the sun." [2]

"However much you may blame people in positions of leadership for this, or think it is a matter of politics or national policy, the truth is that your desires and ambitions are making competition, conflict and war inevitable."[3]

Corruption of the New Message

"It will be corrupted. It will be changed. It will be alloyed with other things. It will be misconstrued, even by those who think they understand it and who respect it and who are grateful for it. They do not yet realize that they must protect it in a pure form."[4]


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