"Divide and conquer" strategy

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What will unify the human race

"If we’re a set of warring tribes down here on the ground, we’re easy prey. We are easy prey—divide and conquer: been done for centuries all over the world. History teaches us this. Life teaches us this. So we have to begin now to grow up. It’s like an upgrade for humanity based on necessity, but it’s an upgrade; time to come out of our self-obsessed lives and begin to look at our environment to see what, how we may be able to play a part in supporting and strengthening humanity."[1]

Caution with conspiracy

"I see conspiracy going into another level of generalization blindly denying the validity of governments and leaders and human institutions. I think this is very dangerous and unfortunate because it serves the interests directly of those intervening forces from the universe around us who seek to divide and conquer an unwitting humanity."[2]

Abuse of religion

"There must be great cooperation, great understanding, great compassion and forgiveness. But you see, these are the very things that each religion really promotes.

But the people who adopt religion must promote these things. It must be their emphasis. It must be their understanding. Or they will misuse their faith. They will use it to oppress others. They will use it to condemn their enemies. They will use it to divide and conquer other people. It will become cruel. It will become blind. It will become vicious and oppressive."[3]

"Knowledge is not circumscribed by religious ideology or by nationalistic passions. It cannot be used as a weapon. It cannot be used to oppress others. It cannot be used to divide and conquer. Knowledge can only be followed. It cannot be used."[4]


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