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"You are also facing the presence of forces from the Universe, physical beings who are here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity. These small groups of forces are not military in nature. They represent resource explorers and economic Collectives. They will seek to further human conflict and gain influence in the halls of power in governments, religion and commerce. They represent a great danger to humanity." [1]

"... the first races that you will encounter directly will be resource explorers and economic collectives, those who are here to take advantage of an immense opportunity and who will take advantage of your place in history, your circumstances, your tendencies and your ignorance." [2]

"Never think that any race in the universe that travels for commerce is spiritually advanced. Those who seek commerce seek advantage. Those who travel from world to world, those who are resource explorers, those who seek to plant their own flags are not what you would consider to be spiritually advanced" [3]

"You may feel helpless. You may think that a foreign power with foreign technology would have a strength that would be insurmountable, but you are dealing with a small group of resource explorers who are posing as great technological powers." [4]

Threat to Humanity

“When you encounter visitors from the outside, you will tend to misunderstand their presence and intentions — thinking they are here to help you, thinking they are here to benefit you — and you will be very susceptible to their offers of technology, to their inducements and to their seductions. You will be at risk of failing to see that they are merely resource explorers.” [5]

"You have to offset the Intervention that has been occurring in the world today, that is being carried out by resource explorers—by groups that are not well respected in this region of space, by those who travel around trying to take advantage of whomever and whatever they can. These groups do not represent established worlds or established powers, for these powers do not conduct their affairs in this manner" [6]

"Countless times have emerging races such as your own been overtaken by resource explorers and economic collectives—those who search for opportunities such as this, those who are predatory, those who are opportunistic, those who can gain control over worlds like this without firing a shot" [7]

As Compared to Collectives

"The Intervention is of two kinds. There are resource explorers, which nearly always represent one race, operating with great freedom and impunity, which are clients of larger powers. Sometimes, they are clients of independent trading networks that are engaged in illegal trade. Those resource explorers who have been in your world and who are in your world today represent members of this group.

"Then there are Collectives, who are multi-racial, hierarchical and very well organized. Their worker classes are bred for specific purposes, and they are involved in collective breeding, which is a practice not all advanced races are engaged in. The Collectives seek a more permanent residence in this world. They seek it as a world that either they or their clients could own and govern from afar, with human assistance. That is why such great care has been taken to study human psychology, human physiology and your reproductive process, as well as the biological hazards that exist on Earth. That is one of the reasons that plant samples have been taken and the world has been observed for such a very long time." [8]

"Resource explorers operate in a more simple manner, by taking things they need from the world, as they are able to find them. But the Collectives have a more complex and long range plan in establishing power and influence within this world." [8]


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