Evidence of extraterrestrial intervention

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Credibility of Source

“How can people know that you are real?”
Regarding our reality, we cannot demonstrate our physical presence to you, and so you must discern the meaning and the import of our words. At this point, it is not merely a matter of belief. It requires a greater recognition, a Knowledge, a resonance. The words we speak we believe are true, but that does not assure that they can be received as such. We cannot control the response to our message. There are people who require more evidence than can possibly be given. For others, such evidence will not be necessary, for they will feel an inner confirmation. In the meantime, perhaps we remain a controversy, and yet we hope and we trust that our words can be considered seriously and that the evidence that does exist, which is substantial, can be gathered and understood by those who are willing to give this their effort and their focus in life." [1]
"Given the lack of hard evidence, why should people believe what you are telling them about the Intervention?”
"First, there must be great evidence concerning the visitation to your world. We have been told that this is the case. Yet we have also been told by the Unseen Ones that people do not know how to understand the evidence and that they give it their own meaning—a meaning that they prefer to give it, a meaning that provides comfort and reassurance for the most part. We are certain that there is adequate evidence to verify that the Intervention is occurring in the world today if one takes the time to look and to investigate this matter. The fact that your governments or religious leaders do not reveal such things does not mean that such a great event is not occurring in your midst." [1]

Distortion of Eye-witness Accounts

"For the vast majority of people in your world, the Intervention will be unknown and completely hidden. Yet for those who become aware of it, either because they have been taken, or because they have witnessed evidence of the Intervention in your world, these individuals will either be encouraged to believe and to support the Intervention or they will be cast aside and tormented by it." [2]

False Flags

"A Second Coming, then, is being prepared by your visitors. The evidence of this, we understand, is already in the world." [3]


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