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"Your experience of love emanates from the deeper well of Knowledge within yourself. It is the power and the evidence that you have a greater life and a greater Intelligence within you."[1]

Evidence of Knowledge

"What will stand is the evidence of Knowledge. If you can reclaim Knowledge and develop your relationship with Knowledge, if you can open yourself to Knowledge so that Knowledge can reveal itself to you, then you will have the greatest strength in the universe." [2]

"The evidence of Knowledge is sometimes hard to find, but it is there in all the selfless acts of individuals, the courage that people display in facing difficult situations, the commitments that people demonstrate to one another in facing difficult situations, the creativity of individuals, the compassion of individuals."[1]

"To begin to understand the reality of Knowledge, we must look at the evidence of Knowledge.

This evidence can be found in your experience.
It is the experience of being moved to do something or moved not to do something.
It is the experience of irrational restraint. It is the experience of foreseeing something and knowing something and then having it happen.
It is the experience of being moved to go somewhere, to do something, to associate with someone, or to disassociate from someone.

This represents the deeper movement of your life. It is not something that is impelled by your ideas, emotions or feelings.

It is something deep within you that moves you at your foundation. This is the evidence of Knowledge.
When individuals are deeply moved to do something that sets them on a different course in their lives and in a different direction from where they were planning to go before—this is evidence of Knowledge.
When individuals feel that something wrong is going to happen and then act to avoid a dangerous situation—this is evidence of Knowledge.
When individuals extend themselves to others in a profound way, bridging the gap between their divergent personalities with such impact that they are both changed—this is evidence of Knowledge.
The experience of affinity with life and affinity with another, the experience of a greater motivation in life to exert a greater effort or to reach a goal that must be accomplished, however undefined in the moment—these are the evidence of Knowledge." [3]

"Even without knowing what Knowledge is or where it lives or how it functions or what it knows, whenever you do something that goes against the direction of Knowledge, you will feel this discomfort, this disassociation from yourself. You will feel ill at ease. You will feel this not because Knowledge is punishing you in any way, but because you are going against something that is known within you. This produces a very profound and permeating discomfort. No amount of therapy, pleasure, escape or preoccupation can free you from this discomfort. You must bring your life into harmony with Knowledge within you. This you can experience, and your experience will be the evidence that you are either succeeding or failing in this regard."[3]

"The evidence of Knowledge can be found if you look for it. Amongst all the other manifestations of life, you will find the evidence of Knowledge if you seek for it. Knowledge does not display itself; it does not make a show, yet it is always there. You can find it if you look, but you must look, and you must look with open eyes—not with greedy eyes or self-seeking eyes, not with eyes seeking self-validation or self-glorification. Indeed, as you seek it, you will likely have to give up even your spiritual ideas and beliefs because Knowledge will be beyond them." [3]

"Those who know carry the presence with them. And this presence has been able to grow because they have not been indiscreet. They have not tried to use their experience for personal gain. Instead, they have let it grow stronger and more intense within themselves. This gives them a sense of presence. You will not find this in idle dabblers or in people who are like tourists in a spiritual universe. However, you will find this in those who have had to face their own thresholds, who have had to cross their own rivers and who have had to experience and face their own doubts and fears and the wasteful consequences of their mistakes. These are people who are following something inexplicable that they do not attempt to define or use. Their silence is profound and inviting. They are with the Mystery. And the Mystery is with them. Through them a greater Knowledge, a greater comfort and a Greater Power can emerge and abide. This is the abiding revelation. Someone who is with the Mystery can share the Mystery without words, without conversation, without debate and without self-glorification. They are with the Mystery and the Mystery is with them. This, then, is what you want to look for. This is the evidence of revelation." [4]

"Through those who can study and learn it patiently and effectively, the translation of Knowledge will continue because their efforts, their actions and their demonstrations in life will provide inspiration, insight and encouragement for those with whom they come in contact. The impact of their activities will be lasting and resonating. This is the evidence of Knowledge. One act or one event can resonate through many minds who were not present at the original act or event. You have seen this in the development and continuance of the world’s religions, and you will see it in the development and continuance of a Greater Community Way of Knowledge, if it can be successfully learned and initiated here." [2]

Evidence of Lack of Knowledge

"Being without Knowledge is being willful, ambitious, cunning, clever, manipulative, shrewd and calculating. Take heed. This is the evidence that Knowledge is lacking." [4]

Evidence of a Greater Plan

"The Greater Community offers you redemption by requiring greater things of you and by calling upon a Greater Power within you. This is how humanity will advance. This is how all races in the Greater Community advance. And this is the evidence of the Creator’s work, for the Creator does what works, even if it is incomprehensible to those who are destined to be its beneficiaries." [5]

"The Greater Community is your context. It represents a greater life, requiring a greater Wisdom from you and the establishment of greater relationships in your life. This is the evidence of God’s work in the world, which is largely beyond human appreciation."

"Knowledge is the completion of religion. Knowledge is the evidence of God and the evidence that you are a part of a greater life beyond the limits of your time, beyond the boundaries of your race and beyond the confines of your present intellectual ability." [6]

"You begin the preparation by feeling the need.
You begin the preparation by recognizing your limitations and the limitations of what you have established thus far.
You begin the preparation by becoming humble and open within yourself, without assuming greater powers or extraordinary abilities for yourself.
You open yourself because the need within you is propelling you forward.

This is the evidence of Knowledge within you, for Knowledge is getting ready to emerge." [7]

Evidence of God's Work in the World

"When you experience real devotion or when you recognize it being experienced genuinely by anyone else, you will see the evidence of God in the world. Devotion is the highest expression of love. It is love’s most complete expression. It is where a person chooses to give themselves to someone to carry on a greater purpose and to serve something more magnificent than their own personal interests—whether it be raising a family, carrying on a form of work in the world or fulfilling a mission in service to humanity. At whatever level it is expressed, this is something rare and wonderful in life. This is the evidence of God’s work." [8]

"Advancement for humanity, in whatever field you might consider, has been the result of the efforts of a relatively small number of people who were committed, who were devoted and who had great allies. This is the evidence of God’s work in the world. In spite of all of the calamities and all of the tragedies, all of the addictions and all of the difficulties that prey and prevail upon humanity and human relationships, the work of God carries humanity forward. If God were not in the world, humanity would simply destroy itself. There would be no motivation for greater things. There would be no yearning for truth. There would be no real kindness. There would be no real dedication or recognition. Humanity would destroy itself." [8]

"There will be a greater presence of Knowledge in the world through your contribution. This brings everyone a step closer to their Ancient Home. This narrows the great gulf that separates life in the world from life beyond the physical. This brings the experience and the demonstration of God’s work in the world a little bit closer because inspiration, selflessness, contribution, benefit, kindness, compassion, love, strength and self-determination are being demonstrated and added into the world. The world needs this demonstration. People are desperate for meaning. They are desperate for value. They have lost contact with their inner lives. These qualities need to be demonstrated for them and returned to them with as little religious dogma as possible, in as pure a form as possible. This is the evidence of God’s work. God does not do the work for you. God teaches you to work because you came here to work, and you need to realize your value." [9]

"Revelation, then, is a slow, growing experience of purpose, meaning and direction in life. It will emerge for you if you allow it to be present in your life and do not attempt to use it to gain advantages over other people. It will become the absolute foundation for you. Then, whatever you give in the world will be blessed with a greater experience of presence. Grace will be with you. People will experience this in your presence. Here you will give them something inexplicable that words cannot convey and that actions cannot even demonstrate. This is what will spark Knowledge within them, for their response to Grace will come from Knowledge within them and not from their personal minds. This is an initiation, and this is evidence of God’s work in the world."[4]


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