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The Remembrance of our Ancient Home

There is "this reoccurring experience or notion or recollection that there is a greater life within you and beyond you. The fact that this exists within you is not only a hope; it is not just a dream or a fantasy; it is more of a memory. It is a thread of reality that exists throughout your life in the physical universe—a thread that can be avoided and forgotten, but not extinguished. The memory of it will come to you perhaps only fleetingly at times of great distress, at times of great comfort, at times when you are out of your ordinary state of mind. There is the sense that you are here for a purpose, that this life is not your ultimate reality, that you are passing through, that you are on a journey, that you have taken a sojourn into the physical reality to accomplish something, something that you have not yet discovered."[1]

"You carry within you the memory of your Ancient Home, deep beneath the surface of your mind."[2]

"At some point, perhaps in a moment of despair, of great sobriety about your life, or a moment of great prescience and clarity of mind, you will feel this remembrance. It is not something you will recall in images. It is more a deeper feeling of connection, what it felt like to be there and how different that is from where you are now."[2]

"The remembrance is so important because it begins to restore to you consciously your connection to Heaven, and with this connection you have a lifeline, feeding you strength and purpose."[2]

"What greater strength could God give you than the remembrance? For with it comes the strength of your immortality, which begins to unravel the countless layers of fear, apprehension and unforgiveness that are so much a part of your experience of living in Separation."[2]


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