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"Life is always attracted to those who give." [1]

Shorter Quotes About Giving

"Greater gifts will begin to emerge from you that are natural for you to give, that you were meant to give, that were put inside of you before you came into this world—gifts the world needs, for it is not only individuals who are impoverished, it is all of humanity." [2]

"Instead of running around one day, go through everything you own and imagine what a wonderful thing it is to have these things and that you can acquire such things and that you can give them away to others who might need them." [3]


"It is important that you who come bearing gifts not only feel that you should give or that you must give but realize the extent to which you are given to."[4]

"Do not give your life away before you know what your life is for and the direction that it must follow."[5]

“Confirm Knowledge and give people the encouragement to express and to follow what they know. This is what it means to be spiritual in the most complete way, in the most complete sense.”[6]

"What you can give to people is food, water, shelter and the Great Faith. Taking care of people, feeding people, assisting people and giving people the Great Faith—this is what will be needed."[7]

"If you want to know God, you need to feed people, take care of people, take care of nature, restore the natural world, offset the great damage that has been done, prepare humanity to face the Great Waves of Change, to face ecological decline, to face the loss of fundamental resources, prepare humanity to face the reality of Intervention from predatory races in the Universe who are here to take advantage of human weakness and ignorance. Take care of the person next door—whatever it is that Knowledge leads you to do at whatever level. There is no grandiosity here. There is no personal fame. There is no sainthood. Renounce these things. They do not represent a pure motive." [8]

"Your desire to serve humanity must be guided by this Greater Power within you. Otherwise your desire to give will be built upon your own ambitions, your own ideals and your own grievances. It will not be pure and it will not be effective. Your desire for a better world, and even your ideas how to establish a better world in whatever field you are interested in or in which you have expertise, must be guided by Knowledge or your ideas and your actions will not be effective." [7]

"For God is calling all who are asleep now to awaken from their dreams of misery and fulfillment, to respond to this great time and to prepare to render the gifts that they were sent into the world to give to a struggling humanity—a humanity whose future now will be largely determined within the few years to come." [9]

"The gift must be given through you in both tangible and intangible ways. Do not think you’ll be a great emancipator, a great spiritual princess or prince, goddess or god. You will do simple work. You will do humble work. You will do the work that needs to be done, not the work that necessarily glorifies you. What will be honored is Knowledge within you, which will honor you. Then there will be no deception."[10]


"To give, you must first receive."[9]

"As you give yourself, you will receive and in this you will learn the ancient law that to give is to receive."[11]

"The power and presence of Knowledge" ... "is God’s answer to a struggling humanity. It is the source of all true creation. It is the source of the desire to serve and to give, to produce and to create for the benefit of others as well as yourself. It is the source of all true and beneficial motivations."[12]

“God always gives to givers because they naturally amplify the gift. God also gives to takers, but they do not experience the gift. What God gives to takers is an opportunity to give. What takers need to experience is the need to give because that is what will redeem them. When they become givers naturally, then the whole process of giving and receiving can truly begin.”[13]

"The contradiction of living in this world is that it is a hiding place. People are afraid to give and afraid to receive because when you start giving and receiving, the whole idea of hiding begins to dissolve, and you realize that God has caught up with you already."[14]

Quotes About Joy of Giving

"Knowledge will put you in the position to discover and to express your unique gifts and will give you the criteria upon which to determine who to be with in your life and how to participate with them." [15]

"Here you are not merely wanting, expecting, demanding and complaining, you are putting yourself to the task of finding and following a deeper and more profound direction in life. You are serving those things you know you must serve. Without the mere intention of enriching yourself or giving yourself prestige or dominance over others, you are serving from a pure motivation. And this gives you strength, and this gives you determination, and this gives you perseverance of a kind that personal ambition alone could never provide." [16]

The Messenger's giving

"No one else can travel the journey that the Messenger has had to travel. Others will give important gifts where they are needed, and ultimately everyone is meant to do this, for that is part of each person’s purpose. Everyone will be a conduit for a greater Presence and Power. But there is only one Messenger, whose Message will alter the course of human understanding and speak of the great change that will change the course of human destiny and evolution." [17]

Reckless giving

"People establish relationships casually, using very weak and temporary criteria. They do not realize the seriousness of their engagements and the impact that it has upon them. It is because they lack discernment. It is because they do not value their lives that they would give themselves away so easily or commit their time and energy without greater care, that they would be so careless with themselves."[5]

"So many people" ... "have cast their allegiance to other things, an allegiance that really belongs to Knowledge. Perhaps they are very committed and dutiful in their allegiances, but they use them to give their life focus and balance and purpose because you cannot live without purpose of some kind, for purpose is life itself."[18]

Compromised giving

“If you try to give for your own self-aggrandizement, if you try to give for your own self-assurance, if you try to give to alleviate an abiding sense of guilt or inadequacy, you will not give with discernment. Your giving then will be ill placed and will produce increasing conflict and discouragement for you.”[19]

"This is where people tend to feel threatened and withdraw because they want to have everything but give very little of themselves. Even their giving is to make themselves richer."[20]

"There are many people who have made notable achievements in life, but they are mentally ill, or their relationships are a disaster, or they have no inner life—no sense of who they are or where they are going. They have no connection to Knowledge. While they might achieve a footnote in history, they themselves are a personal failure. Their gifts could only partially be given. They really did not meet the requirements of their life." [21]

"Many people expect or demand devotion from others but are incapable of giving it themselves, for they wish to bargain with their affection." [22]

“You do not give to get here. You do not give to assure yourself a future of recognition and rewards. That kind of calculated giving is the machination of your mind, of your social mind, of your mind at the surface of life, a mind that wants to survive, a mind that is insecure, a mind that seeks wealth and power and substantiation and affirmation.”[23]

Gift and purpose

"You may wonder, 'What is my gift to the world?' Your gift is what you receive here today. Give yourself to Knowledge so that it may give itself to you." [24]

“You are here to learn—not to demand, not to defend, not to protect, not to negotiate, but to receive and to learn so that you may be able to give.”[25]

"Only those who know that they have come from their Ancient Home can give." [4]

"You were sent here to give. If you are giving, then your spirituality is expressing itself. If you are not giving, then you are frustrated and your spirituality is still in the realm of speculation." [26]

“To escape the world without contributing to the world will only compound your dilemma and you will return to your Spiritual Family with your gifts unopened and undelivered. You then will realize that you must return because the work that you set out to accomplish in the world was not accomplished.”[27]

"You are here for a purpose. You went to great lengths to be here. You have something to give in being here. You cannot go beyond this world because you have not given what is essential for you to give here. Your giving contains your self-realization, and your Knowledge is your foundation."[22]

“Your greatest gift is to give your Knowledge. There is no greater gift than this. Knowledge is not ideas; it is not information. It is the regenerating force of life within you, but you cannot activate it yourself, try as you may. You can meditate for a lifetime. You can practice austerities. You can deprive yourself of pleasures, but you will merely aggravate and ruin your personal mind. It is something from beyond your own sphere that must reach you because that represents the greater part of you.”[28]

"God is trying to free you so you can be in the world and have the power that God has given you to express in this world, so that your true gifts may come forward, and that you may find where these gifts are to be given, and so that you may find the people who will help you to give them and who will honor them and value them." [18]

"Knowledge within you is telling you where to go, what to do, what to give yourself to, what not to give yourself to, where to move forward and where to hold back. It is doing this on a daily basis, but most people are far too preoccupied and caught up with themselves and have too much resistance to their own experience to hear and follow this natural inner guidance that the Creator of all life has given them." [29]

The giver as medium of giving

“You were made to give. You are the gift. Without giving, life is miserable.”[4]

"It is not you who does the giving. It is your Knowledge that does the giving through you."[4]

"So, you are not the giver. You are the medium of the giving. This is a very important difference."[4]

“You can give ideas, thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and these can be helpful, but there is a greater giving that gives you.”[4]

"How can you give Knowledge? Well, you cannot. It gives itself. Then, everywhere you go people will respond to you, even if you are not trying to give people anything. There is something in you now that is giving you to people. It is not you giving it. It is giving you."[28]

Coordination of giving

“Your great gift is meant to be given in conjunction with the giving of others. You do not get to be a superstar in reality. Your contribution comes through relationship. You have part of the gift. They have part of the gift. You give together. It is your relationship that gives and makes the giving possible.”[30]

“Your giving is supplemented by the giving of others and this represents the Will of God in the universe.”[31]

The calling from the world

"That which is difficult in the world will bring to you your calling, reveal to you where you must give yourself and the service you must provide." [32]

“If you can accept that you have come from beyond the world to serve the world, then you will realize that the world you have come to serve is offering the conditions that will bring forth that which you came to give. If you can accept this, then you will stop condemning the world and start looking for its opportunities and allow it to call from you that which you came to give.” [33]

"If you have failed to make your rendezvous, later in life, if you make this discovery, there is a second redemption. And that is to give to others—to share your wealth, to share your time and to share whatever you can in service to meeting real needs of both people and of nature around you. This is the second redemption. It is not as powerful and fulfilling as the first, but it is significant and will be effective. Those who have been driven through all of their life can find themselves at the end with the opportunity to give, to be benefactors—benefactors with wealth, if they have wealth; benefactors of time, if they have time; benefactors of care, if they have the strength to do this. So there is a second redemption." [34]

"What can you give to others? Beyond feeding them and giving them shelter, if that is their need in the moment, your greatest gift is to encourage them to take the steps to Knowledge, for more than anything else, this will determine if they can face, prepare and respond to the great change that is coming to the world." [12]

Giving completely

“People who are terrified of losing are afraid to receive. The cost is always too great for them. If you are to be fully engaged in life individually and as a society, it will cost everything you have. You will end your life completely used up like a great vessel that has been emptied. It is that complete utilization that will fulfill you in this world and will make it unnecessary for you to return. You have given everything you have brought with you.”[35]

Other quotes about giving

“Remember that all communication has a pure source of giving at its core. Everything is a gift or an attempt at a gift. Everything that is said or done represents this and, though giving in the world has been denied and greatly distorted, the source of the giving remains true and uncontaminated.” [36]

“How can you give to the world? How can you be sure that what you want the world to be is what it is supposed to be? How can you be certain of all the effects of your actions? How can you be certain of what helping people really means? Your Knowledge knows, but you are uncertain.”[28]

“If Knowledge is not the guiding principle in your motives, then you will not be able to bring about a spiritual transmission.”[20]

"What are you willing to give to God?" [37]

"For what is the most powerful evidence of God in the world but the evidence of selfless giving, the caring for others even if they do not care for you, the caring of the earth even if the earth seems indifferent to your existence?"[38]

"You have so much more to do and to give than you are doing and giving at this moment, and you know it is true, if you are honest with yourself."[39]

"The beliefs and fascinations, obsessions and fantasies of humanity are not what move God. It is the deeper movement of the heart and the conscience. It is the act of selfless giving. It is the act of forgiveness and the desire to contribute beyond one’s own personal needs and preferences." [40]


"When you practice in meditation, you come to give yourself to it, and there is a response because your Teachers come to give themselves and that is the touch. That is where you touch each other. I give to you, you give to me and we share our mutual giving." [4]


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