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Quotes About the Pursuit of Happiness

"The goal is not happiness but preparation, readiness, contact, reunion and ultimately contribution to the world, wherever it may be appropriate for the individual. That is why the pursuit of happiness is so deceiving because the Revelation will make you uncomfortable. It will challenge you."[1]

"You can never find any real happiness or contentment if you are a stranger to yourself. This self within you is deeper and far beyond your intellect, beyond your beliefs and ideas, your habits and the nature of your personality. Your real nature is far deeper than this. So you build a kind of life in the pursuit of happiness, but it is not really an authentic life. It is not really a life that you are committed to wholeheartedly, for your soul is not committed to it, even if you are attached to it in your own mind."[2]

Quotes from Marshall Vian Summers about the pursuit of happiness

"The thing that betrays us, the real traitor, the Judas, is the pursuit of happiness–the thing that seems most noble and embraceable and the thing you can share most easily with people, the pursuit of happiness, the desire for happiness. So why do I say that’s a traitor? It seems so normal, so natural, so acceptable. It’s because if you’re committed to that pursuit of happiness, you will compromise yourself." [3]

"One of the great deceptions ... is something that seems so innocent, so agreeable that most people would find it to be a noble pursuit and that is the pursuit of happiness. Once people are able to escape--if they can--abject poverty and gain some sense of security and stability, this then becomes, more often than not, their primary focus. The problem with this is that this focus of pursuing happiness leads you to neglect, avoid or to deny the signs of the world, the signs of Knowledge within yourself, the unpleasantries you might see close at hand or abroad--all things that would interfere or compete with your pursuit of happiness."[4]


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