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"You have a specific design as an individual, and you have a specific purpose." [1]

Realizing Your Design

"Encountering a member of your Spiritual Family confirms your design, your shape and how perfectly you can fit with another once you are properly engaged." [2]

"If you can receive the gift, you will demonstrate that you have received it. It will work within you, and it will find an expression through you according to your nature and your design." [3]

"When you realize your design, you will recognize your Designer, and you will come to appreciate a greater harmony that exists in life, a harmony that is as yet unseen by those who dwell here."[4]


"You must accept that you cannot experience a harmonious relationship with everyone you meet because you were designed to do something specific with certain individuals. Because you were so designed, you need to find those people who have a similar designation. With them, you will have the opportunity to match your design perfectly with their design in order to achieve the desired result. Knowledge both within you and within them will help you find one another."[1]

"It takes great discernment to recognize another person whose design is meant to complement yours. Even here you must be certain that you are prepared for such an encounter, for the success of this relationship is not only based on potential but on readiness and manifest ability." [1]

The Nature and Design of the Body

"People who think that the body can do anything the mind wants it to do are preparing themselves for some very serious and grave disappointments. The body is a limited vehicle with its own nature and design." [5]

Design and Self-perception

"You are like a piece of a puzzle. You cannot yet see your own shape clearly because you are inside of your shape. But if you could see your shape objectively from a distance, if you could see yourself in true relationship with others, you would learn a great deal more about your nature and design." [1]

"People are often too afraid of self-condemnation to look at themselves objectively because they think that all that they will see is their own error. They are afraid that if they uncover the real truth about themselves, they will be permanently and completely discouraged. Yet what they will begin to see is their specific design.

You were indeed designed for something that you have not yet discovered. And until you do discover it, you will tend to misconstrue your design or to deny it altogether. Recognizing your design leads to self-acceptance and self-trust. This makes self-appreciation possible because there is no deception here. But your design cannot be discerned alone for it is only meaningful in relationship with others. Your unique shape only has relevance in relationship with those with whom you fit in the puzzle itself. That is why alone you cannot fully know yourself. That is why your relationship with others is the arena for growth." [1]


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