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To Live at a Time of Revelation

"You do not want to fail in this pursuit, the greatest opportunity you could ever have—you who are chosen and lucky and so, so fortunate to be amongst the first to receive a New Message from God." [1]

To Make Your Rendezvous

"It is evident that people can go through their entire life without ever having a deeper experience of recognition with others. In fact, this is immensely common. So do not just trust luck or chance. Do not think that this is just going to happen for you without your really exerting yourself." [2]


To Escape Mere Survival

"How few people are self-aware at this deeper level, who are standing apart from the great rush of human ambition, from the great rush of people seeking wealth, personal advantage, and of course, those are the lucky ones. Everyone else is struggling to survive, struggling to meet their basic requirements, holding on, hanging on." [3]

Not to Be Relied Upon

"God is giving to humanity something humanity does not even know it needs—the one key element, the missing piece, the part that only God can provide, the strength, the power and vision that only God can provide. Without this, your technology will not save you. Your ingenuity will not save you. Luck will not save you. Denial or avoidance will not save you. Immersing yourself in hobbies and distractions will not save you. [4]


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