The Word and the Sound

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"God’s Word and Sound are in the world, speaking once again after such a long silence—speaking now to a literate world, to a world of global commerce and communication; speaking now with great clarity; speaking now to tell you what is coming and how to prepare and what must be done to bring peace and cooperation in a world facing such drastic change." [1]

"The Sound and the Word are in the world. Our Voice is being made available for the very first time—such a Voice that spoke to the great Emissaries, the great Messengers of the past. Available now for you to hear, so there will be no mistake, so the Revelation will not be misconstrued or reinvented later by cunning, clever and ambitious individuals." [1]

"The New Message from God is here in a pure form, and for the first time, you can actually hear the Voice of Revelation, the Voice that spoke to the Jesus, the Muhammad, the Buddha and the many great teachers and prophets of the ages. Do you realize the significance of this?" [2]

"You do not know how blessed you really are to live at a time of Revelation. Perhaps you think it is terrible. Perhaps you fear it. Perhaps you reject it. Perhaps it makes you angry and enraged. But you are so blessed to live at a time of Revelation." [1]


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