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Obeying the law

"You have a responsibility to follow the laws of your nation, your community and to only take exception here if you find them to be unjust and if you are willing and able to protest against them in a constructive manner. To ignore or violate these laws out of a sense of resentment or repudiation is not appropriate." [1]

"Many people resist or violate the laws and customs of their culture out of a kind of resentment or reaction, which in many cases goes back to their resentment or reaction against their parents and family life. It is a kind of pathological response to the world and does not lead to good results. These people tend to be very critical and condemning and that goes against their greater purpose for coming into the world." [1]

Communities of law and communities of Knowledge

"A community of Knowledge is based on devotion and dedication. A community of law is based on opportunity, convenience and adherence. A community of Knowledge is reinforced with truth. A community of law is reinforced with punishment and laws. There is a great difference between these two realities and these two experiences of participating with people." [2]

Human ethics and human law

"And human ethics and human law can never mirror perfectly the Divine awareness, for it is far too great and mysterious, extending far, far beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect.[3]

"The revolutions that are happening in many countries, the struggle for freedom and justice and rule by law—all of these things now will be propelled forward by the impacts of the Great Waves of change. If a government cannot feed and provide for its people, and if it is too corrupt at its center, the Great Waves will forge an upheaval, an upheaval that will overcome even the most powerful and resistant governments and the most powerful and resistant overlords."[4]

"You must realize that a world community will offer less personal freedom than you may have been used to in your very happy times. It will not be a society of Knowledge because it is too large. It will be a society of law because it will require laws to maintain it because of factionalism."[5]

"The values of this world will be so affected by your emergence into the Greater Community. There has never been an impact so great upon the consciousness of those who dwell here nor one of such grave consequences. Religion, art, philosophy, culture, the foundations of government, law and ethics—all will be greatly affected."[6]


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