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"There are three factors that will generate the forging of a world community.The first factor is that this is the stage in history where your world emerges into the Greater Community of Worlds, which it is destined to do, both from its own explorations and from the timely visits of many cultures from beyond.

The second factor is that your environment will deteriorate to a very great degree, bringing about international crisis.This will require cooperation and will require citizens everywhere to become actively engaged in the maintenance—indeed, even the rescue—of your planet.

The third factor is the integration of world economy. These three factors more than anything else will bring about a world community."[1]



"You must realize that a world community will offer less personal freedom than you have been used to in your very happy times. It will not be a society of Knowledge because it is too large. It will be a society of law because it will require laws to maintain it because of factionalism."[1]

A turning point in human evolution

"God is moving humanity in a new direction, towards a world community that is able to sustain the world and that is able to encounter the realities of life in the universe, which will be thrust upon you and are being thrust upon you even at this moment." [2]

"People are still very much in a tribal state of mind. There is no world community yet, though it is destined that humanity will have to establish one in order to survive in the centuries ahead."[3]

"You have come at a great turning point. It is not the beginning of a new age. It is the beginning of a great transition, a transition from tribal culture into a world community and into interaction with the Greater Community, of which your world is a small part."[4]

"Creating a united world community will be necessary in order to confront and deal with the reality of life beyond your borders."[5]


"Humanity has grown too big and too powerful. It is having too great an impact on its own environment to continue without self-control, without Wisdom and without the sense of world community and world responsibility."[6]

"The human race is at a terminal point, the terminal end of the cycle of the development of international societies. This is where tribes and groups have grown so great, have overlapped so much and are having such an impact upon the environment that they must learn new ways of cooperation. They must join forces. They must grow into a new stage of development, which is represented by a one-world community. It is this stage upon which humanity is now embarking. Regardless of the strife and difficulty that still exist between tribes, cultures, groups and nations, this is the direction of human evolution. This is the course it must follow, for better or for worse.

Races that have evolved within their own worlds reach the establishment of international communities and then become a one-world community. The development of a one-world community coincides with interaction with the Greater Community. Here having a one world community becomes a necessity for survival and development. In worlds where intelligent life has migrated from another world, a one world community occurs much sooner because often there is only one establishment which gains the dominant position within that world."[7]


"Humanity is now facing the reality of the Greater Community and the necessity and the difficulty of becoming a one-world community."[8]

"You are just beginning to realize the need now for world community, yet even that idea is largely rejected and is still highly unpopular."[9]

"Many people and even nations of people will struggle against the change that is coming. They will try to preserve their interests and identities to the exclusion of the world’s interests and identity. This will produce great friction. However, as your world community slowly comes together, with much discord, there will be a greater feeling of consensus. World opinion will have greater and greater impact, even before a world government is established. World government is inevitable. It will happen. It will happen in order to regulate commerce. It will happen in order to prevent crime and starvation. It will happen in order to preserve the environment which different nations share. It will happen in order to regulate the quality of the larger natural resources which everyone shares, like water and air. The creation of world government will be difficult. It will be fraught with great tribulation and conflict. But it will happen because it is your destiny. If you fail in this regard, you will fail even to meet your world’s needs, and this will overtake you in time. You cannot afford this, and you know it."[6]

Implacable but not inevitable

"You now have a global civilization—diffracted, conflicted, destructive, heedless and irresponsible, but it is a world community nonetheless. You have global communication. You have a global commerce, and for many people, a growing global awareness. It is at this point that intervention will be attempted. It is at this point that humanity becomes a prize to be claimed."[10]

"People are now unconsciously creating a condition which will require this. This is because they are part of a greater evolutionary force. It would be possible to create a united world community without the destruction of the environment, and this would indeed be preferable. However, people will make certain that they achieve their destiny, and they will do this even if it is done through destructive means. They will do anything to achieve their destiny."[5]

"Should you fail to join as a world community and should your environment be threatened past a point where its reclamation can be assured, then others will intervene, not to conquer you but to preserve the environment."[11]


"Competing races are here both to safeguard themselves against the destruction of your environment, which they consider to be too valuable to destroy, and to engage in possible resource development and future alliances with humanity should you ever be able to form a world community. Until this community is formed, alliance with the world would not be practical. No foreign power wants to become involved in the intertribal warfare of a domestic race. There is no advantage to this."[11]

Established but limited

"Human civilization has been established. Though it is fragile and full of corruption and difficulty, it has been established. There is world community now and interdependence. There is world awareness, to a certain degree. There is even world compassion and conscience, to a certain degree. It [human civilization] is far from perfect, and it is fragile in a changing world. It can be undermined by intervention from without and by collapse from within."[12]


"God’s New Revelation for the world is the largest Revelation ever given, given now to a world community—a literate community, a world of global commerce, a world of growing global awareness, a world of global communication."[13]

"It is the largest Revelation ever given to this world because the world is a literate world, a world of human communities and a world community, a world of global transportation, global infrastructure and communications."[14]

"It is the first great Revelation to be given to a world community, to a literate population. And that is why it must speak now with greater clarity, greater emphasis, greater sophistication and complexity."[15]


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