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"Your allies" ... "do not seek to breed with humanity."[1]

"The interbreeding program has only one purpose, and that is to enable the visitors to establish a presence and a commanding influence within the world."[2]

"It is not the annihilation of humanity, it is the integration of humanity that the visitors seek to accomplish. They will interbreed with you for this purpose."[3]

History on Earth

"Many thousands of years ago, in your time, several races came to interbreed with humanity to give humanity a greater intelligence and adaptability. This led to the rather sudden emergence of what we understand is called 'Modern Man.' This has given you dominance and power in your world. This occurred long ago. However, the interbreeding program that is occurring now is not the same at all. It is being undertaken by a different set of beings and by different alliances. Through interbreeding, they are seeking to establish a human being who will be part of their association yet who can survive within your world and who can have a natural affinity with the world."[2]

"Your visitors cannot live on the surface of your world. They must either seek shelter underground, which they are doing, or they must live aboard their own craft, which they often keep hidden in large bodies of water. They want to interbreed with humanity to protect their interests here, which are primarily the resources of your world. They want to have human allegiance assured, and so for several generations they have been involved in an interbreeding program, which within the last twenty years has become quite extensive."[2]

"Attempts have been made to establish colonies on Earth, but these colonies have all failed because of the biological hazard. The native races of your world were far too primitive to be considered important relations—important enough to establish major interbreeding activities. Attempts have been made to influence earlier cultures in your world, but the results have not been significant."[4]

Relative Value

"In the Greater Community, biological resources are very valuable because they can be used and altered for a variety of purposes as we have mentioned— for medicinal purposes, for life support purposes and for the breeding and generation of new species."[5]

"As we have said repeatedly, your world is viewed as a biological storehouse. So while the visitors want the mineral resources of your world, they also want things that are much more elemental to the needs of life. They need water. They need oxygen. They need blood. They need the resistance factors in blood. They need plasma. They need the biological elements that constitute life and that are fundamental to life everywhere. This means that they need you as a biological resource. It is one thing to consider that your world will be used to serve other powers. But the idea that you will be used to serve other powers is another matter altogether and represents a further violation of your fundamental rights."[5]

"You may stop at this point and wonder, 'Well, how can such things occur? This seems so extreme! This seems so negative, so awful!' But for anyone who has studied human history, you will see demonstrations of all of these things we are speaking of—religious manipulation, interbreeding, violence wrought upon adversaries, particularly in situations where native populations are encouraged to accept and to receive their new visitors. It is far easier to govern one who believes in your cause and is cooperative than it is one who is simply being subjugated."[6]

The Agenda of the Intervention

"Your visitors seek to establish themselves" ... "through interbreeding. They cannot live in your environment. They need your physical stamina. They need your natural affinity with the world. They need your reproductive abilities. They also want to bond with you because they understand that this creates allegiance. This, in a way, establishes their presence here because the offspring of such a program will have blood relations in the world and yet will have allegiance to the visitors." [1]

"Clearly, an interbreeding program is an attempt to fuse humanity’s adaptation to the physical world with the visitors’ group mind and collective consciousness. Such offspring would be in a perfect position to provide the new leadership for humanity, a leadership that is born of the visitors’ intentions and the visitors’ campaign. These individuals would have blood relations in the world, and so others would be related to them and accepting of their presence. And yet their minds would not be with you, nor their hearts. And though they may feel sympathy for you in your condition and for what your condition may well turn out to be, they would not have the individual authority, not being trained in The Way of Knowledge and Insight themselves, to assist you or to resist the collective consciousness that has fostered them here and given them life." [7]

"They want to use every part of you. Just like you would want to use every part of the cow or the sheep or any other domesticated animal that you breed for your own purposes."[5]

"Many of their “specimens,” as they refer to you, have either perished or had to be used for other reasons."[5]

"In their attempt to breed a new leadership for humanity, a hybridized person, they need all of these biological resources that we are describing."[5]

The Collectives

"The Collectives that are functioning in the world today want to add a human component to their collective community and mentality. It is not simply that they want you to be a work force for them; they want you to become a part of them. This adds to their collective strength and will minimize any resistance in the future that humanity might mount for its own sake. This is why there is such a great investment of time and energy in gaining human allegiance, in bonding with humanity through interbreeding and in establishing a deep and pervasive association with the human family."[6]

"The Collectives actually seek to increase human conflict, to weaken the strongest worldly powers and to gain allegiance through human failure—allegiance and a reliance upon their presence. Their interbreeding program is not only to establish individuals in positions of power, but also to condition and to program those that they take to become the Intervention’s representatives and apologists—those who will promote the Intervention and the peoples of the world having direct access to these intervening powers, bypassing their governments, bypassing human authority figures, in order to establish direct contact with those forces who are conditioning people to believe that the Intervention is here on their behalf."[8]

Current Progress of the Program

"The interbreeding program is becoming very successful. Already there are those walking your Earth who are born of the visitors’ consciousness and collective endeavor. They cannot reside here for long periods of time, but within only a few years, they will be able to dwell upon the surface of your world permanently. Such will be the perfection of their genetic engineering that they will seem only slightly different from you, more in their manner and in their presence than in their physical appearance, to such a point that they will likely go unnoticed and unrecognized. However, they will have greater mental faculties. And this will give them an advantage that you could not match unless you were trained in The Ways of Insight."[7]

"The interbreeding program that is occurring in the world will continue. The only way that it can be stopped is by people gaining this greater awareness and sense of inner authority. Only this will bring these intrusions to an end. Only this will uncover the deception behind them."[2]


"You have to demonstrate your displeasure with their presence and with their activities. You have to demonstrate sobriety regarding their inducements and their deceptions. And you have to speak out against their attempt to interbreed with humanity, to create a new leadership here. You have to speak out against the abduction of people against their will. For these things are being carried out in secret. Even outside authorities do not know this is happening."[9]


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