Crown of Thorns

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"Your many regrets are the thorny crown that you wear. Remove it." [1]

"GOD’S FIRST STEP IN YOUR REDEMPTION and your empowerment is to unburden you from things that are not necessary for your happiness, to unburden you from things which cannot possibly satisfy you, to unburden you from things which only cause you pain and to lift from your head the crown of thorns that you wear, which represents your attempt at fulfillment in the world." [2]

"Great effort is exerted in building things that can fall apart in a moment, things that have no stability or permanence." [3]

"Some people can walk away from a relationship, but they are so bound to their ideas, their beliefs or their assumptions that they are not free to leave them. This is what it means to wear a crown of thorns. This is when the mind is a crown of thorns. You wear it, but it torments you. It seems to give you a kingly title, but in fact it is a harness of misery. It seems to elevate you and give you stature in the world, but in fact it cuts you and hurts you, binds you and mocks you." [4]

"The pain that hurts you is the crown of thorns of your own ideas and assumptions, your own misgivings and misinformation and your own unforgiveness towards yourself and the world. This produces a pain both within your mind and upon your body as well."[5]

"But you cannot feel [Knowledge's] counsel or follow its guidance because you are so lost and captivated by the world and by your own internal fantasies and fears, your own internal conflicts, your unforgiveness, your grievances, your attitudes and your fixed beliefs. It is like you are set in a stockade in the center of town, your arms and your head locked in the stockade, and you cannot get out and be in the town because you are stuck there. That is your crown of thorns. That is your imprisonment." [6]


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