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"Everyone needs what is called Verication, which is a process of reviewing decisions and conclusions with Knowledge. Verication is necessary because everyone is capable of making terrible mistakes. Everyone in physical life needs this. Anyone who attempts to claim ultimate Wisdom or who thinks that they can correct themselves effectively on a consistent basis is making a grave and serious error and is demonstrating that they have not yet gained true maturity in their understanding and studenthood." [1]



"In the Greater Community, Verication is essential for success. It both requires and develops relationships of real meaning and value. It requires that you be committed to the people who are committed to you. It requires that you be committed to Knowledge together, that you serve a greater purpose together and that you have a greater enterprise, a greater goal, together." ... "Those who advance in The Way of Knowledge must be advancing in their maturity and understanding. Yet those who cannot or will not advance are doing so for personal reasons. Be aware and be careful with them." [1]

"Do not begin anything that does not have a greater promise. How will you know? Because Knowledge is with you. If you cannot gain access to Knowledge in this situation because you have too much desire or ambition or are too confused, then go to your ally for verication. “Is this the right thing to do?” you will ask. “I am thinking of this. I want this. This looks good to me. Should I do this?” Do not go to your friends and do not go to your casual relationships, for they may all get interested in your idea because they cannot yet respond with Knowledge. Do not take a chance on this. Go to your allies. In many situations, you will not be able to gain access to Knowledge because you are governed by your preferences or you are too afraid or too concerned for yourself. That is okay. Go to your allies. Every important decision you make should be vericated. That is a protection for you; it is a safeguard. You need this; accept it."[1]

From Trusted Allies

"Your errors become more costly as you become more advanced, and you will need to be more guarded against them. Here is where you will need a community of Knowledge—a network of relationships that are able to vericate for you and bring you back to Knowledge to offset your personal conflicts, which will still be plaguing you as you advance. Here your interdependence with others will become the foundation of your relationships, and here interdependence will become fully established."[1]

"Make sure [when a change is indicated in the Pillars] that the change is really needed. Ask yourself and listen. Ask others to verify this for you, those whom you trust. Take your decision to them and say, "I think I need to do this. What do you think?" Give them the opportunity to respond. If their verification is good, they will go beyond their personal opinions and resonate from a place of Knowledge. You will be fortunate if you have such a friend or ally." [2]


"As a master musician needs to associate with other master musicians, you must seek to associate with those who are advanced in Knowledge, for they can vericate for you." [1]


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