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"Do not seek refuge in spiritual things, for your purpose is to give to the world." [1]

"As you proceed, you will hear a great deal about spiritual experiences being described or discussed by others. Be discreet. Do not enter into these discussions. They are meaningless by and large. People who talk about these things do not know what they are talking about."[2]


"You cannot run away to God, for you were sent into the world to serve a world in need. That is why the Presence is not a form of intoxication. It is not a grand escape. It is not ascending far beyond, never to return. Why would God call you back to Heaven when great effort was made to bring you into the world?" [3]

"Seeking Divine contact, angelic experiences or prolonged bliss at the expense of your experience in the world is not the emphasis of the student of Knowledge. You have come here to learn to work, to give and to understand. You have not come here to dream, to fantasize or to find a way back to your Ancient Home." [2]

True Development

"We who are cultivating this world wish for you to be very kind with yourself. You cannot purify yourself. You cannot cleanse yourself. You cannot lift yourself up. Entering true preparation is entering a process with your Spiritual Family beyond the visible and with individuals in life here in very specific ways. You enroll in these things because you must. Is it right? Yes! That is it. You don’t know what you are signing up for. Goodness, if I were to tell you what you would do if your Knowledge were fulfilled, everyone would run away saying,'I had a different plan for myself!' But what if I were to say,'If you do this, you will be a person of tremendous happiness. Your nature will be complemented. You will no longer be attempting to be in an idealistic state, to be a perfect person. You will be able to be in the moment because there is no future that you must negotiate. You will see beyond images. You will hear beyond words. You will sense beyond appearances. Life will become transparent to you in this world, and you will begin to see your Ancient Home through the transparency.” [4]


"People who are being abducted, people who are being influenced, can feel they are part of an Ascension or an Ascension movement. That can easily be manipulated from a Greater Community source, since the Greater Community seems to be an ascended state anyway. We have a lot of difficulty discerning the difference between physical space and spiritual space, and so anyone who can get here seems to have magical powers to begin with."[5]


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