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Causes of stress

"Unlike the Physical Environment, the mental Environment knows no boundaries in terms of time and space. For instance, if you have great emotional distress where you are, it affects someone on the other side of the world, and vice versa."[1]

"Without real change, people are entrenched in their position; they are a slave to their behaviors and their conditioning; and they try to get along with others who are entrenched in their positions and who are enslaved to their beliefs and social conditioning. And that gives you the world you see—a world of immense personal compromise, a world of immense tension, a world that is undergoing constant stress and that is casting humanity on a path of self-destruction." [2]

Effects of stress

"Times of stress and change bring out the best and the worst in people." [3]

"Becoming ill is a part of life, a hazard of life, a consequence of life. There are many causes: exposure to dangerous substances, stress, disappointment, the desire to retreat from the challenge of one’s life, exposure to other people who are ill, depression, grief. Any and all of these things may be present to initiate illness." [4]

Stress management through spiritual practice

"You will be amazed at what taking ten or fifteen minutes a day in silence and inner listening will do for your life, relieving you of stress, allowing your insights to catch up with you, responding to deeper things within yourself. ” [5]

"Your prayers have been answered because The Greater Community Way of Knowledge has been given to you. This is a real answer. The real answer is true assistance and the means of preparation, both within the world and beyond. You are now given a way out of your own self-absorption and a way into the world so that you can accomplish what you came here to accomplish with a minimum of stress and misunderstanding."[6]

"Spiritual practice is not merely a form of stress release. It becomes now the central power building, the central focus of your activities. Here you bring your spiritual practice into everything that you do because it is relevant to everything that you do, and it will assist you and bring clarity in everything that you do." [7]

"This state of quiet is immensely refreshing ." ... "Here you are just floating, free from the aggravation, the stress and the turbulence of life at the surface. Now you are going deeper in the ocean of consciousness where things are much more still. Life may be raging at the surface but you are living now in a moment of stillness." [8]

In the absence of Knowledge

"Without this great Spiritual Presence and these Unseen Forces in the universe, life degrades into a miserable state. Even if one has advanced technology and many conveniences, even if one’s nation has been able to establish a continuous state of stability, even if there is social freedom, life becomes only a struggle, a dilemma, a stressful existence and an empty experience." [9]


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