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"Who has the eyes to see and the ears to hear? The world is telling you these things every day. The Great Waves of change are coming. They are building. They are only just beginning.

You pray to God for deliverance, for strength, for purpose. You pray to God for resolution to conflict. You pray to God for the well-being of your people and your nation. And God sends a Great Revelation into the world, so great you cannot even fathom it. Yet who will receive the answer when it is given? Who has the humility, the courage, to hear again?"[1]

Who can respond to the New Message from God

"Who can respond? Who has the humility, who has the courage
to reassess their former ideas and beliefs?
Who is willing to undergo the process of reformation that is necessary to take them
to a greater and more honest and complete experience of life and expression of purpose?
People will judge the New Message, but the New Message is revealing their intentions." [2]

"God can only communicate to what God has created in you. Your mind may be opposed to this communication. Your mind may be upset by this communication. Your mind may take issue with it for any number of reasons. But the communication is intended to reach a deeper part of you. It is only at this deeper level that the New Message from God can be truly comprehended." [3]

Who is listening to the New Message

"You do not know what is occurring and what is coming over the horizon because you are too afraid to see and too arrogant, assuming that you know. That is why the Revelation must be given to show you what you cannot see and do not know. beyond human speculation and estimation. This is embedded in all of the Teachings of the New Message. This is the New Message. Struggle against this and you struggle against your own recognition." [4]

"People will judge the New Message, but the New Message is revealing their intentions. It is saying everything about them. Their success or failure in responding says everything about them and the degree to which they have come to terms with their own suffering, the limits of their ideas, their inability to discern their true direction in life, the weakness of their beliefs and the degree to which they have compromised themselves to gain advantage and approval with others." [2]

Who is not ready to hear the New Message

"Not everyone is ready to receive the New Revelation. God knows this and there is no condemnation here." [2]

"Our words are not for speculation or debate. That is the indulgence of the foolish, who cannot hear and cannot see." [4]

"If you cannot receive it, if you do not believe it, if you think it is something else, then the reflection is upon you." [5]

"Your philosophers and theologians will not know what to make of it. They will have issues with it. It will not conform to their understanding, to which they have invested themselves so greatly. Religious leaders will contend against it because it speaks of a reality that they do not yet recognize." [6]

"To recognize the Message and the Messenger is the most natural thing unless your mind is so conditioned, so jaded and preoccupied, so defensive that you cannot see, you cannot hear, you cannot know that God has spoken again."[7]

Among the religious

“God’s New Revelation for the world could have a remarkable impact on the world’s religions, opening them up to a greater panorama of life, making them more universal and complete. But who within these traditions can accept that there is a New Message from God and that a Messenger has been sent into the world, a member of the Angelic Assembly, who is charged with overseeing this world and its development and progress? Who has the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to know?”[8]


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