Wars of desperation

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"As nations become more desperate in providing for their people, they will not sell food abroad. They will not export the very things that they need now more than ever. And it will not only be individuals who will go hungry; it will be entire nations. This will lead to war, and a war of a very desperate kind, a war not for political achievement or not for revenge, but a war of desperation, a war of one people trying to eliminate another people. It would be the cruelest and the most savage and devastating kind of conflict.

"This is a great risk now, you see, in the face of the Great Waves of change. If a nation cannot feed its peoples, it must look to the nations around it for help. If these nations are in the same desperate condition, then war will arise, on a small scale and on a great scale. People will take whatever they can and try to destroy those who compete against them."[1]

"Without a New Revelation, humanity will break down into crisis after crisis after crisis as food, water and energy become more scarce and difficult to find, leading to wars of desperation, leading to violence on a scale never seen in the world before."[2]


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