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"There are a few things that are important. You must become aware of situations around the world regarding the availability of food and water. You must become aware of changes in climate and its effect upon food production in the world and its effect upon the well-being of people in both urban and rural environments. "[1]

"Soils around the world will have to be rejuvenated, not by technology but by biological rejuvenation, or they will fail humanity’s needs in the future." [2]

Disruption in production

"If food production were severely damaged all at one time, it could set in motion forces that would be very difficult or impossible to control. The wealthy nations could not send food to the poor nations because they could not gain access to it. It would not be available, for everyone would be hoarding now, protecting their own populations. You can give away your surplus, but if you have no surplus, you have nothing to give in this regard."[3]

Distribution shortfalls

"In the future, people will flock to the cities for food, for energy, for medicine and for security. Great congregations of people will come from outlying districts, where supplies will fall short. You do not want to be at the bottom of the list, living in a town or a village. It could take weeks or months for supplies to reach you."[4]

Manipulation of food production by the Intervention

"The Intervention does not need to manipulate food production, as it is declining as a result of humanity’s impact on your own environment." [5]


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