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"Humanity cannot afford war for any reason."[1]

“The Sacred has been lost. People are oppressed and impoverished. They fight with each other over what they think is sacred. They fight with each other over which of God’s Messengers should be honored. They fight with each other over the history of their religion. They fight with each other over the resources of the world. They collide over their ideas, and the pain and the suffering of humanity is perpetuated and deepened. And the Sacred becomes lost to the people as an inspiration, as a mystery, as the invisible movement of God and God’s emissaries.” [2]


"Knowledge does not condone war or conflict, unethical competition or deception or manipulation." [3]

"People want things to work out well. They want to be comfortable. And so they do not look, and if they look, they do not see, and if they see, they do not comprehend because of what they want. People do not want war, and, as a result, they deny war until war overtakes them." [4]


"Beware, the leaders of nations and the leaders of religion. Beware if you seek to hurt or conquer another nation for your own advantage or to express your grievance or your ancient animosities. Be aware that you are casting yourself into the darkness and into confusion and misery, and you will bring desolation, destitution and ruin upon your peoples as a result. And be aware, the average citizen, that you too have a responsibility to follow the wisdom and Knowledge that God has placed within you, to discover this wisdom and Knowledge and not to violate it because of anger or revenge, rage or greed. You too have a responsibility, for the outcome is not simply up to the leaders of the nations and the religions. It is ultimately up to every person." [5]

"Nations within your world now must work together for the security of the world. Here again, stability and security become the overriding emphasis. Ancient animosities and hatred between nations and tribes must all be moderated so as not to break out into war or destroy the world’s resources." [6]

The Engine of War

"Do not think if you are a great consumer of energy and resources that you can promote peace in the world, for over-consumption of resources is really the engine of war." [7]

"If the poorer nations of the world do not have enough, they will be driven to war. If the rich nations are having greater difficulty satisfying their exorbitant appetites, it will lead them to war." [8]

"Overconsumption is the engine of war. It forces nations to intervene with other nations, to compete with other nations, to exploit other nations. You cannot simply blame political leaders or political theories when people’s way of life itself is generating the need for this exploitation." [9]

"If you insist upon an affluent luxurious lifestyle, you will be feeding the engine of war. You will be requiring your government to gain access to resources wherever they can, at whatever cost [10]

"Just living simply is a huge contribution to the well-being of humanity. It is the most powerful anti-war statement you can make." [11]

"However much you may blame people in positions of leadership for this, or think it is a matter of politics or national policy, the truth is that your desires and ambitions are making competition, conflict and war inevitable."[12]

The Folly of War

"Nations are investing now more heavily in their military establishments, afraid of increasing anxiety over the insecurity and lack of protection for their nations. But you cannot use these weapons in the future, for they will destroy the essential resources. You cannot use them without committing genocide. You cannot destroy cities, for you will not have the resources to rebuild them. It is a fool’s pursuit." [13]

"War is destructive. It is destructive to both the winner and the loser, and it sows the seeds for future conflict. The damage is not only to material things, but to the nature and character of entire nations of people who are traumatized. Humanity has not matured enough nor has grown in wisdom enough to recognize the absolute truth of this. That is why outright warfare in the Greater Community, particularly on any kind of large scale, is extremely rare, particularly amongst secure and advanced nations."[14]

Wars of Desperation

"In the future, facing Great Waves of change, certain leaders will try to take your nation to war to divert attention." [15]

"When another nation’s resources are being taken and overwhelmed and it puts up resistance to this, then there is war." [8]

"When empires are built and other nations are exploited, this leads to war." [8]

"Many people will perish in the future, either through poverty and oppression or through ignorance and foolishness. Nations will be tempted to go to war with each other over the remaining resources, which will be ever more difficult to secure. And the grievances of humanity, so long standing, will flare here and there and everywhere." [16]

"To redirect the population’s dissatisfaction and anger and frustration, certain leaders will try to take the nation to war… And they will speak to people’s condemnation, resentment and rejection of others. They will exploit the unforgiveness that resides to such a great extent in the minds of people. This is how so many wars are fomented. And often they are fomented because the leaders of the nation have failed to take care of the needs of their own people, which is their first and primary responsibility as the leaders of a nation."[15]

"As nations become more desperate in providing for their people, they will not sell food abroad. They will not export the very things that they need now more than ever. And it will not only be individuals who will go hungry; it will be entire nations. This will lead to war, and a war of a very desperate kind, a war not for political achievement or not for revenge, but a war of desperation, a war of one people trying to eliminate another people. It would be the cruelest and the most savage and devastating kind of conflict."[17]

"In essence now the size, the moral and ethical problems regarding human conflict which are real and substantial, you simply cannot afford war. It will cost you too much. It will cost everyone too much. It has always cost everyone too much. Now you cannot afford it. But that does not mean it cannot happen and will not happen if great effort is not exercised to prevent the conditions that will make war inevitable. If people are hungry they will not be reasonable or rational or accommodating. If people are losing their forms of self sufficiency you cannot expect them to behave orderly or in a sensible or productive manner. This is the great risk. This is the risk of war beyond the assertions of power by one nation over another or by historical or religious differences or long standing grievances between nations and groups. That will be a war of utter desperation, a war of terrible consequences, a war that will be very difficult to extinguish. It is in this new world you are entering, a world in decline, that wars of desperation will become increasingly possible and can only be thwarted and prevented by the wise and ethical maintenance of resources and distribution of resources." [18]

"So many wars are fomented"... "because the leaders of the nation have failed to take care of the needs of their own people, which is their first and primary responsibility as the leaders of a nation."[15]

Deterrence Quotes

"If any nation in your world seeks to remain aggressive and hostile, its resources can be denied to it by the rest of the world. This is what happens in the Greater Community should any nation become aggressive and hostile, seeking to dominate or overwhelm other nations, seeking conquest of territory or seeking to eliminate its competitors. Such a nation will have to face a united opposition by all others who are involved in their networks of trade. This has effectively eliminated a great deal of conflict in the universe. It is necessity, then, that drives such cooperation. Yet humanity has not yet established such agreements, for it has not had to face what all advancing nations in the universe must face, and that is the depletion of their resources." [19]

War at the threshold of space

"Human conflict is wasting you away. Ignorant, foolish and unaware of what exists at your borders, human conflict is wasting you away." [20]

"You are just beginning to realize the need now for world community, yet even that idea is largely rejected and is still highly unpopular. As human societies now move towards merging together and becoming more interdependent with each other, wars, struggles and ancient animosities are arising between them. However, your nations will join because they must. It is your destiny. It is your evolution. You will do it or perish." [21]

"It is the Greater Community that will show you that you cannot afford your ceaseless conflicts here on Earth, and that your resources here are precious, and your self-sufficiency is of the greatest importance. With this awareness, you would not continue to squander the world at the terrible pace that you are doing so now. You would not foolishly think the universe is there for the taking once you exhaust the wealth of this world. You would understand that this world is all that you have. This world, this Solar System, is all that you have. Beyond this, you are entering regions owned or controlled by others, and you cannot take this from them. You do not know the rules of engagement in the universe or the relations between nations or what is allowed and what is not allowed in this Greater Community of life." [20]

Exploitation of War

“With war and conflict, humanity will weaken and further its own decline. Should this be continued, there will be no winners. There will be no victorious nations or groups, for the world will decline. Then everyone will lose security. Then everyone will become weaker and more vulnerable to powers and influences from beyond the world who are determined to gain access and control here.” [22]

“The Briefings state that the Intervention is promoting human conflict. How does it do this?”
You have but to promote religious extremism and nationalism and to convince the leaders and persuasive individuals that other peoples represent their enemy and a threat. You have only to project the images of spiritual saints and emissaries proclaiming the need to overcome adversaries. This is how the Intervention can promote conflict in the world."... "Therefore, the Intervention will seek to weaken the strongest powers to degrade their influence in the world and to create an overall situation where the Intervention will be deemed truly valuable, and its counsel and its guidance will be attended to and followed."... "Those who cannot be pacified can be encouraged to engage in their ancient animosities and their distrust of their neighbors, and to fortify their resistance and hostility towards their historic enemies. Lands can be contested. Resources will be contested increasingly. Even within nations, there will be groups who will arise, who will seek to destabilize and overtake those nations. Many groups will be governed by religious ideology, governed not only by the defaults of human nature, but also by the influence and guidance exerted by the Intervention itself."[23]

Holy War Quotes

"You are asked to end your ceaseless conflicts and to never think that you can conduct violence here on Earth in the name of God, for that is an abomination. There are no holy warriors. There is nothing holy about war."[24]

“To declare war on another nation or on another people in the name of God is a violation of God’s Will and purpose for humanity. This is never justified. War is never justified in the name of God—ever, in the history of humanity, now or in the future. Let this be your understanding, for should you make an exception here, you are doing it for your own purposes. You are doing it for reasons that you are not honestly expressing—the desire for power, the desire for revenge, the acquisition and control of resources, the hatred of another people, grievances from the past. These are the reasons you go to war, never to fulfill God’s purpose and destiny, never as an expression of God’s Will for humanity. If such is claimed in religious books, it is because it has been added by people. It is a human invention.”[25]

The Antidote to War

"If you are guided by the power of Knowledge within yourself, the deeper intelligence that God has placed within you, then there can be no violence or war and conflict. There is only the effort to create positive and mutually beneficial arrangements with others." [24]

"Humanity will fail without the New Revelation. The world will become ever darker, more dangerous and conflicted without the Revelation. Humanity will falter and fail in the face of its own errors and lack of clarity. The resources of the world will be spent through conflict, competition and war. People will rise up against their governments. People will rise up against one another. There will be untold conflict in the future, greater and more continuous than anything you have seen before. It is the New Revelation that holds the missing ingredients to your understanding, the key to your awareness and the source of your power, strength and determination." [26]

"God has sent a New Revelation into the world to prepare humanity for its future, to warn humanity of the great dangers within the world and beyond the world and to bless humanity with the power and the presence of Knowledge that has been placed as a deeper strength within each person, so that humanity will choose peace over war, cooperation over division, resolution over the loss of confidence, freedom over capitulation, responsibility over weakness." [27]

"“Without this power and this grace, you will become ever more fearful and discontented as the world around you changes and becomes more difficult. You will become ever more affected by people who are now becoming more angry, more judgmental and more threatened by the great change that is occurring throughout the world. You would become more isolated. You would feel that your survival and your affluence and your well-being are under constant attack. You would blame others for this, perhaps even whole nations of people that you do not even know. You would become partisan. You would be conflicted. You would be at war with yourself, caught up in wars occurring all over the world.” [28]

More Quotes about War

"Great conflicts in the world—wars, cultural conflicts and competition for land and resources have all been waged by powerful individuals. Everyone else just goes along or tries to hide and escape." [29]

"Humanity will face war and conflict on a scale it has never known before. There will be suffering at a level never seen before in this world. Religious people will think it is the end times, it is the Apocalypse, it is the coming of the Messiah, but all it is, is the failure of humanity. All it is, is the violation of the natural laws of the world. All it is, is the product of human ignorance, greed and the failure to respond to what God has placed within you to see, to know and to do." [8]


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