The Will of Heaven

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The Will of Heaven

"These are not ancient times. You are not asked to be like sheep. You are asked to rise to the occasion, to take the Steps to Knowledge and to allow Knowledge to reshape your life and reveal to you your greater destiny. This is the Will of Heaven, and this now must become the intention of humanity." [1]

"What people want and the Will of Heaven are so very different. But if in truth you could discern your deeper requirements for life beyond survival and acquiring the simple things that are necessary for stability and safety in the world, you would see that what you want and the Will of Heaven are really the same."[2]

People "do not have the humility to recognize that they cannot establish the terms of engagement regarding their primary relationship with the Creator and with the Will of Heaven." [2]

"The Will of Heaven is for humanity to unite and to prepare so that it may survive the Great Waves of change and prepare for its engagement with life in the universe in such a way that human freedom and sovereignty in this world may be protected. It is the Will of Heaven that this awareness and preparation be shared with others and that you become a vehicle for sharing it, very simply, by pointing to the New Revelation. It is the Will of Heaven that humanity will grow up, emerge out of its reckless and contentious adolescence to become the wise stewards of this world, to preserve the life-giving resources of this world and to become a free race in a universe where freedom is rare and is rarely valued. It is the Will of Heaven that you end your ceaseless conflicts, for you cannot afford to destroy your peoples and your cities now. You will need all the resources of the world, all the resources that you have, to contend with the Great Waves of change that are coming." [3]

"The Will of Heaven and the intentions of humanity are still very far apart. But the times grow dark. The hour is late, and there is no more time for foolishness and denial." [3]

“The sinful are not punished but are attended to. The wicked are not sent to Hell but are prepared for Heaven. This is the true nature of God’s purpose in the world.” [4]


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