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"Humanity must become the wise stewards of the world and prepare to participate in the Greater Community. Both go together and both represent the same goal." [1]

"People must face their fear and anxiety and realize the situation they are in. They must gain a new understanding of where they stand in the Universe and their role and responsibility as the native peoples and stewards of this world. They must exercise the power that they have individually and collectively to preserve their own native grounds." [2]


"You are the stewards of a beautiful planet that is greatly valued by others. But you are weak stewards, and you are conflicted amongst yourselves. And you are rapidly depleting the wealth of this world, a world that is so rare and valuable in a universe of barren planets." [3]

"At present, humanity is a weak and divided steward of a beautiful planet that is highly prized by others. How will you protect it? How will you defend it? How will you maintain its wealth and its diversity of life? If you squander it, you will lose it, and the costs will be beyond your imagination. If you fall under foreign persuasion, it will create a set of circumstances far worse than anything you could imagine." [4]

"It is the Will of Heaven that humanity will grow up, emerge out of its reckless and contentious adolescence to become the wise stewards of this world, to preserve the life-giving resources of this world and to become a free race in a universe where freedom is rare and is rarely valued. It is the Will of Heaven that you end your ceaseless conflicts, for you cannot afford to destroy your peoples and your cities now. You will need all the resources of the world, all the resources that you have, to contend with the Great Waves of change that are coming." [5]

"The greater cause facing humanity today is the world’s emergence into the Greater Community, which will overshadow all of humanity’s problems and issues in the future. This will require humanity to join as one race and to become the wise and careful stewards of the world’s resources." [6]

"Humanity is ignorant of what it has. It is sitting on valuable real estate—real estate that others in the Greater Community most assuredly want for themselves. Perhaps if you were wise stewards of the world, they would respect your stewardship, but your stewardship has not been accepted and is certainly not being exercised very well. So, who from the Greater Community will think that your well-being is a priority when you are spoiling the very world you live in, which is considered an asset for the whole Greater Community?" [7]


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